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  1. You really want to know First it says "Einstellungen" (that's Options), then choosing "Allgemeine Einstellungen" (Global Options) from the drop down box, there is ... Sprache und Zeit just as you said. It seems to be easier to miss things when they are not in your own language -- at least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it All done now, thanks again. Chris
  2. Thanks (to turetzsr as well), I looked at that option several times and managed to miss the setting. Some people need to be led by the nose Greylisting is SOOPAH Just one entry in Held Mail in the last 18 hours or so. Many, many thanks agsteele. A different problem (should I start a new thread?), I wanted to brush up my German and set language in the login to Deutsch. Now I find I can't change it back to English. The login text changes but the display (Inbox, Held Mail) is still in German. Is there somewhere else where it is set? Perhaps it is Firefox as it has been compiled with LANG="de_CH.UTF-8" and that is causing Webmail to be Helpful . Thanks for all the help, Chris
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I see that changing my email address could be a bigger problem than continuing to spend a few minutes a day reporting spam ... besides reporting spam is a public service, isn't it I see the advantage of reporting all the night's spam as Farelf suggests, when it's more than 24 hours though, it seems best to just delete it all. Thanks for the greylisting suggestion, agsteele, I didn't know what it did: now I have it turned on. I would like to extend the display per page to something like 200 but I can't find the place in Settings to do it ... I had it once, I know, but now I can't track it down. Webmail Preferences doesn't appear to have it anywhere; I think I found it somewhere unexpected but I've even checked Spamcop Preferences to no avail ... Thanks again for all the help, Chris
  4. Hi All I am getting a large amount of spam: ~120 - 150 a day. Filtering is working well with all but the occasional one going into Held Mail. It takes a few minutes to report the morning's collection but 1) Is there a quicker way than selecting all and reporting them (25 are displayed per page so 25 are reported at a time)? 1b) Should I be just deleting those more than 2 hours old? Advice in this forum some time ago was that reporting spam more than 2 hours old was not worthwhile. 2) Would it make more sense to change my email address? It is on the spammers' lists because it was used in posting to Usenet a long time ago. Advice would be welcome, thanks, Chris
  5. Many thanks for your replies and a thousand apologies to all. fetchmail now doesn't like being run as root and .fetchmailrc had been copied to <user> -- and this little fact forgotten The wrong .fetchmailrc was being changed so POP didn't work but logging in to Webmail or Report spam did. However, some things were unearthed in the investigations which you may find interesting or useful Webmail and Report spam login _do_ distinguish case in passwords but POP is _not_ case-sensitive. The RFC for POP3 (1939) says about the PASS command PASS string ... Since the PASS command has exactly one argument, a POP3 server may treat spaces in the argument as part of the password, instead of as argument separators. The server that SpamCop uses appears to be "Courier Mail Server" -- the current stable version is 0.53.1 (http://www.courier-mta.org/), it seems that courier-0.53.1/imap/pop3login.c processes the PASS string and (line 408) 'p=strtok(0, "\r\n");' appears to allow spaces -- as well as any punctuation character other than Carriage Return or Line Feed. It also uppercases all input strings before processing them (lines 278-286). Experimentation shows that the new password (which caused all this) is accepted
  6. Having searched for some time, I came upon Webmail/Options/Mail Management/Spamcop Tools/Select your email forwarding, change your password or mail reports. and changed my password at approximately 15:00 UTC 24 April 2006 (yesterday) The new password allows me to login in to Webmail and "Report spam" but using it in .fetchmailrc doesn't work, giving "Authorization failure" -- everything else is the same as before, just the password has changed. The old password doesn't work either. Some details: old password length: 24, character set uppercase, lowercase, digits and punctuation new password length: 29, character set uppercase, lowercase, digits, space and one other punctuation character just in case either the length or the character set has any effect. In both cases the password is enclosed in '' (single quotes) in .fetchmailrc
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