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  1. One funny side note: the mail informing me of an update in this thread was marked as spam
  2. Okay, I tried mailing them but unfortunately, the admin address is also not reachable due to missing TLS 😆
  3. It can, but it's my provider disabled it by default, in favour of mail security. Which I completely understand. I just was very surprised that Spamcop doesn't use TLS, which IMHO is the defacto standard of sending e-mail these days. Unless you are a spammer and want to spoof stuff in your mail headers
  4. Hey there, I wanted to send spam reports via mail, but due the the lack of TLS of the receiving mailhost of Spamcop this gets bounced. I was really surprised to see, that Spamcop doesn't support TLS on their mailserver. Can you please enable TLS support, so I can securely forward spam mails? For almost al MTA's this is just a configuration. Thanks in advance :) Cheers, Hindrik
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