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  1. I have gone through any of Ellen's pinned posts and found NOT ANY WORD REFERRING TO AOL. Please be so kind, great master, and tell your foolish adeptus which instructions you recommend. thanks K.
  2. Hello SpamCop Experts, If I try the procedure to add my AOL adress as a new mailhost there is never any reaction coming back from aol.com. All my other adresses make no trouble. If I submit any spam coming via AOL I always get the error message: System seems not to be in contact with any of your mailhosts. Nothing to do... What can I do to get my AOL adress included into my mailhost list ? thanks for a hint K. from Germany
  3. hello experts, in the last days I get more and more spam mails which seem to contain no body. The Answer from SPAMCOP will be always: "SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email:" even if I can see clearly the message body mostly consisting of a single image. If I copy and paste the content to the online reporting window I get the error message: "Error: Couldn't parse head". Can somebody tell me how to report this kind of spam correctly ? thanks Jochen from Germany