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  1. I thought, I'd completed that registration process. I deleted my the mailhost and did it again. And I now know where I made the mistake. I simply replied to the spamcop message instead of pasting the source into a new message and sending it to the mentionend address. It looked like the procedure to subscribe to a mailing list. My bad. However, I never got an error message the first time. This time I got a message from the bot with the subject: Spamcop account configuration: error Although I sent the source to the bot address as described above. Then I read the FAQ and saw that I have to use the web form... Did that, worked. Wonder why the email method didn't, since I only use plain text for emails. Maybe there should be a warning below that list of spamcop mailhosts, stating that you havn't completed the reg process? Because that's where I checked afterwards, to see if it worked. Now I see my mailhost, finally. What happens if the mailhost changes due to mailserver migration? Cheers, Phil
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Denfinitley very hackish. I am not a Windoze guy at all. Neither Firefox nor Safari can do that. I see none of my mail servers liste in that list. I have weird entries of addesses that I do not know: <option value="blade3.cesmail.net">blade3.cesmail.net</option> <option value="mailgate.cesmail.net">mailgate.cesmail.net</option> <option value="bulkmx2.spamcop.net">bulkmx2.spamcop.net</option> <option value="mx.cesmail.net">mx.cesmail.net</option> <option value="mx2.cesmail.net">mx2.cesmail.net</option> <option value="blade5.cesmail.net">blade5.cesmail.net</option> <option value="blade4.cesmail.net">blade4.cesmail.net</option> <option value="blade2.cesmail.net">blade2.cesmail.net</option> <option value="bulkmx1.spamcop.net">bulkmx1.spamcop.net</option> <option value="blade6.cesmail.net">blade6.cesmail.net</option> <option value="blade1.cesmail.net">blade1.cesmail.net</option> <option value="cesmail.net">cesmail.net</option> <option value="mx53.cesmail.net">mx53.cesmail.net</option> <option value="spamcop.net">spamcop.net</option> <option value="c60.cesmail.net">c60.cesmail.net</option> <option value="mailgate2.cesmail.net">mailgate2.cesmail.net</option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <<< private network address? <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option> <option value=""></option>
  3. Hi, I don't really understand what all those "Hosts/Domains" and "Relaying IPs" do in those drop down lists. And why is it a drop down list? Semantically it should be a table. The menu doesn't perform any function as selection facility. And you have to get to the source to copy anything. None of those entries are familiar. Wouldn't my mail host appear there as well? IMHO this whole Mail Hosts System isn't very user friendly also in terms of concise documentation. Cheers, Phil