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  1. Well, actually, I'm amazed how many phising sites are still up when I open a old spam. There's little risk of malware damage if you're not using IE and it's fun filling in the form with a password of f...-off-phishers. Wasting their time is a worthwhile tactic, as demonstated by http://419eaters.com
  2. Ah yes, I noticed the thread about "MIME digests". That is the obvious solution to my problem with Mailwasher. I will ask those marvellous Kiwis at Firetrust what they can do about it. Maybe, as they seem to have some partnership with Spamcop, you guys could ask them too? In the meanwhile, as option for no acknowledgements would be nice ;-)
  3. You're right. I said I'm using MailWasherPro. If I set up a filter against spamcop messages in that, they would still appear in the list and "might" be reported as spam to spamcop, losing me my reporting account! I just need batched acknowledgements. I wonder what the number "1" is doing in the subject line, when it could be, say, "63" ??
  4. Using "MailWasherPro" I can tick dozens of spams at a time to be reported to you. Please acknowledge only every, say, 15 minutes. It is a MailWasher issue that I cannot multi-tick by holding shift, perhaps good for error-prevention, but you could help, a little! Also, "me too" to a count of unreported spams, better still a table from which the most vicious could be reported first. Also, your "statistics" page could give encouraging news of prosecutions etc. - need a volunteer?
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