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  1. Sorry for the inconveniences. The emailaddress at my mailserver was in the whitelist at spamcop. Too stupid and I wasn't thinking out of the box.... Thx for the assistance, TOPIC closed! Repelsteeltje - is spanking herself, no help needed
  2. Hi, I have setup my email like this: emailaddres1->myemail[at]spamcop->emailaddress2 It has worked like this before, but since a week or so it doesn't anymore. Email headers of emailaddres2 show that the email is going through spamcop if sent to emailaddress1. However everything gets forwarded to emailaddress2. If I send myself a SPAMmessage to emailaddress1 it gets forwarded to emailaddress2 If I send myself the same SPAMmessage to myemail[at]spamcop it gets filtered to the Held email. I haven't change any settings, so I was wondering if anyone can help me out? Thanks, Repelsteeltje
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