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    New Webmail Launched

    I just wish that while the servers were down it would quit POPing my other accounts so I could at least get the email directly from the real outside server and keep working.
  2. morganjohnson

    webmail down - 11 Sep 2006

    Just if it makes you feel better to know . . . It's been up and down for me all day, too. Webmail loads sometimes, sometimes it doesn't. Periodically Outlook will tell me the server's not responding, then an hour or so later it'll download email (IMAP), then it'll stop working again . . .
  3. morganjohnson

    Beta Test New Webmail

    Using IE 7.0 (Beta 2) I get white on white immediately all across the top buttons. I see the icons but no words. My color scheme is Blue and White. It also looks like I'm missing a row of something between the large buttons at the top and the refresh icon. This is what I see: http://www.rootsweb.com/~larapide/temp/sc.jpg