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  1. Many thanks. My friend was notified by Mailwasher that I was on Spamcop's blacklist. I've had no 'bounced' e-mail and in fact the whole thing seems to have sorted itself — subsequent e-mails from me have attracted no comment from his MailWasher. Thanks again LesD
  2. Thank you. I'll check it out. Cheers Les D
  3. A regular visitor to my website has just e-mailed to say that I've been blacklisted by Spamcop. I have no idea why this should be — my website (www.fgs.utvinternet.com) is a modest affair with a very small readership, my address book contains fewer than 100 entries, and any mailings to the readership in general are sent in separate batches of ten addresses in order to stay in my ISP's good books. Why have I been blacklisted? And how do I get it lifted? TIA LesD
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