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    so-called "Online Pharmacy"

    I received another email today. This one is for: www.clinicplace.com Will it ever stop?
  2. If you are getting online pharmacy spam, read this bill to learn how these spammers should be acting and what they are doing wrong. Support the bill by writing your congressmen about it: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h109-840
  3. jjmonty

    so-called "Online Pharmacy"

    I found a bill passed by Feinstein regarding online pharmacy practices. It is very interested to see the issues targeted by the bill: `Internet Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act' or the `Ryan Haight Act' http://www.theorator.com/bills109/s399.html I made a mistake by letting them know that I have a valid address by complaining, I know, but if you are a reasonable law-abiding consumer, it is easy to make that mistake... I am reporting to NABP now. Thanks, Friend.
  4. jjmonty

    so-called "Online Pharmacy"

    Please explain what a tracking URL is or forward url. Thanks, I got yet another email this morning and every time it feels like what I imagine rape must be like. This site is great support for essentially rape victims. This has gotten personal between these spammers and me and I just don't know what to do...
  5. jjmonty

    so-called "Online Pharmacy"

    I have been receiving spam from a group of online pharmacies which all have the same layout, stock graphics, etc. I have complained to each website's customer service forms and called them whenever their is an available customer service numbers. I have seen three phone numbers for several sites with different domains. Each time I call, sure enough, I speak to the same man or woman. Each time they change their name and pretend not to know who I am. I spell out my email address everytime and they just say that they will pass it on to their "management". I complain and ask for a business address but never get one. They say that they do not own the sites advertised in the emails and that they just handle the customer service. They refuse to give me any other information and pretend not to know who I am everytime I call. I have only just started using spamcop and it looks like most of their servers are in other countries. I am really at the end of my rope. I feel like they are personally harassing me at this point because at times I will get an email just after I call or use their customer service form. Any advice is appreciated. The following list is all the domain names that I have received emails for in the past couple of months. This has been going on for about a year, but I have tried to document in the last month. Anyway, try giving these people a call. The same man and woman will answer. They will pretend to be someone else if you call a couple of times. You can try to get an business address and they just say no in an infuriating courteous way. Ask them about HIPAA regulations governing privacy for healthcare patient data like emails and addresses and they refer you to their websites which attest privacy but the HIPAA regulation requires a business address and a Privacy Officer and complaint procedures. These sites never abide these HIPAA regulations but pretend to maintain privacy per their online policy. So apart from spamming people, they are violating HIPAA too. htt p://www.pillforce8.c om (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) ht tp://www.rxreload5.co m (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) http ://www.rxreload4.c om (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) h ttp://www.rxreload2.co m (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) htt p://www.pillgap5.co m (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) h ttp://www.pillgap9.co m (customer service number: 1-800-539-9122) <http://www.yourrxman.com> (customer service number: (309)273-2150) <http://chekriterefillsrx.com> (customer service number: (309)273-2150) <http://bikewaycycle.com> (customer service number: (309)273-2150) <http://www.1lkjh432ljh.com/> (customer service number: (309)273-2150) h ttp://www.rxrest10.co m/ (customer service number: 1.866.640.2121) <http://www.refillextra.com> <http://www.refillkey.com/> <http://refilldeal.com> <http://www.refilldeals.com> <http://refilleasy.com> <http://www.refillform.com/> <http://expressrefills.com/> <http://www.webrefiller.com/> <http://refillmagic.com/> <http://pillcause.com/> <http://refillinternet.com/> <http://www.refillplace.com/> <http://www.RefillSpot.com> <http://pillturn.com/> <http://linkpills.com/> <http://refillday.com> <http://www.refillspecial.com>