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  1. At present, I have my account set up such that all suspected spam gets sent to the Held Mail folder, and every couple of days I go there and report everything as spam, after checking carefully for false positives. In addition to the spamcop blocklist I've got other filters turned on too, some of which are more likely to give a false positive than others. To cut down the amount of "definite" spam I have to deal with, I run a filter which looks for "X-SpamCop-Disposition: blocked bl.spamcop.net" and moves these straight to Trash. Then I'm just left with the messages caught by SpamAssassin and the like. What I'd really like to be able to do is to have the filter run automatically, so that the "definite" spam goes straight to Trash without my intervention. It'd still be there for a month or so if I really needed to go look for something, but it'd be off the radar for normal usage. I'd also like an easier way to set up the filters for this. At present, under Options -> Spamcop Tools -> Blacklists I can only select whether or not a particular blacklist is used (and whether or not SpamAssassin is used). What I'd like, for each blacklist, is a set of options "Don't Use", "Move to Held Mail", "Move to Trash". That would give me the control I'm after. Many thanks for a great service. Kevin Broadey
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