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    blacklisted help!!!

    I'm sure someone or something is using your email server to send spam out. Check a local computer perhaps? We got blacklisted by Spamcop too (by a scri_pt spammer).. anyway we waited 24 hours for the listing to expire because we had already fixed the problem up. Then I suppose someone who left their Spamcop reporting duties a little late decided to report one of the emails in, we got listed for the 2nd time in 48 hours.
  2. Sorry Wazoo, it has nothing to do with my home IP address, I also apologise for confusing you more. But I've now deleted all the mailhosts I had available in my account and started fresh. I used one of the email address I used before and entered in the mail server name. It lists the two servers that are listed in my MX records for that domain. I clicked OK and the two emails were sent to my email address. I processed only one of emails and now it has added BOTH mailhosts (mx1.domain and mx2.domain). Both IPs are now listed as Relaying IPs (203.144.4.xx and 203.144.5.xxx). I don't really know how this happened as it wasnt doing this before. It would only list 1 server in the "Mailhosts" area. Any Ideas of why its working now (apparently)?
  3. Thank you both for your responses. Forgive my ignorance as I thought this would be a simple task and Yes, I'm trying to Configure Mailhost for SpamCop. I admin two Email Servers call them MX1 and MX2 (on TWO different IPs). The two servers both act as Primary and Backup Server but that depends on the domain name that's using it. I have two different domain names using each server as a Primary, call them DomainA and DomainB. For DomainA: MX1 is primary -> MX2 is the backup. For DomainB: MX2 is primary -> MX1 is the backup. The current setup routes mail delivered to the backup server back to the primary. I have ONE email account on each server that catches spam for me. spam.catcher[at]domainA spam.catcher[at]domainB I hope that's clear, now to my problem: I use "spam.catcher[at]domainA" as the first email to set up my mailhosts. Since I have two servers, I will receive two configuration emails. The first will be sent directly to the first server listed in the MX record (MX1), the second will be sent to MX2 then routed internally to MX1. I process the first email's headers on the "Return mailhost configuration test email". I paste the whole email including Header + Body and that works fine. I process the second email's headers on the same page and I receive the Error. I do exactly the same thing, but it tells me I'm missing headers. I've tried removing the body, but it then tells me it's missing some other information "Confirmation codes do not match" or "Mangled body" etc. Alternatively, I have tried to use "spam.catcher[at]domainB" and tried to configure the email that comes directly to that server (MX2). But I get the same error. So really, I can get one server listed as a mailhost, but I can't seem to get the other one listed.
  4. Hello, I'm new to SpamCop. I've been getting this error message when I paste the body of the email to configure my mailhosts: Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Headers not found. Ok, I have two servers with two spam catching emails on both. I want to use both of them to report to SpamCop. They both have near identical set ups but the problem is that when I paste the body of the email for the second email, i get "Headers not found.". I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird to capture the headers (CTRL-U). The only difference I see is that the second email address doesnt have the X-SpamCop-Conf header attached. What should I do in this case? Sorry if this has been posted already but I'm not really sure what to do with this.