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    Thanks, I think that's my issue. It works if I send one, but it appears to fail if more than one are batched together. I'll use your suggestion and go from there, thanks. Ah, perhaps that's it. I now see reports that hadn't been sent are now suddenly sent. I guess I wasn't waiting long enough for them to be processed. Thanks all. - Bil
  2. I use quick reporting by forwarding spam, but I've noticed that when I "view recent reports" many are listed as "No reports filed." Since there isn't a link from those, I can't see why a report wasn't sent. If I report the same spam via the web, it gets reported without issue. So does anyone know why submitting the spam via email fails but when submitting the same email via the web works? I'm using Thunderbird with the Okopipi extension to report spam, using the Quick option. Thanks, - Bil
  3. Yes, I read it, thanks. I only mentioned it here to document a possible problem with the code that generates the configuration email.
  4. I have this problem and I believe it's due to X-SpamCop-Mx-Ip being empty in the body of the account configuration email. Since my email account has two mail servers, I received two config emails, in one it was populated (and worked) and in the other it wasn't populated and gave the confirmation codes error.