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  1. There certainly is! Webmail has just become "intermittent" on OpenDNS, ie sometimes it's there, sometimes not. GoogleDNS is the same. Got to be some kind of DNS fault.
  2. Thanks Farelf! DNS flushed but made no difference! Unfortunately! Got to be the domain that's suffered a registration problem.
  3. Yep that works ok. Not being 100% computer literate could you remind me how to do a DNS cache flush please. EDIT: if it's a cache problem how come it happens on different pc's?
  4. Yes, and that's not the webmail front page of course, but if I navigate to it by clicking on "Members Click Here" and then "Login to webmail" it just returns the DNS unavailable error.
  5. OK. Sorry to bang on about this, but I have tried accessing webmail from two other computers and they all return "Windows cannot find the host name webmail.spamcop.net using DNS". That's three DNS I have tried and three computers. Doesn't this suggest that there's something wrong with the webmail server registration?
  6. Hmmmm. I've changed the DNS settings from auto to manual and tried with Google DNS, OpenDNS and my own ISP DNS. All come up with the same result = not available on Domain Name Server. This is the only web site I can't access. Any ideas?
  7. I can't access the webmail front page (showing as "unavailable") and a diagnosis shows that the address is not resolvable on the DNS. I assume there is a problem? All other web pages are browsing as normal. Is anyone else seeing this?
  8. It's definitely colour-scheme related.. I'm now using NeXT and it's fine. So problem resolved (unless the guys at SC want to modify whatever code needs modifying.
  9. OK... I am using the blue and white scheme so I shall try another and let you know. Browsers on all computers are IE6, operating systems as stated in the first message. Wazoo... I reported it via the problem button on 4 September 2008 and got a case number (Case 30886) but despite chasing it up I have never had any response!!!!!!!!! !!!!
  10. For the last four weeks I've noticed the following when using webmail; if I select an email using the tickbox and then click on the "Report as spam" heading, off it goes to be reported after the usual "are you sure" warning. The page then automatically refreshes BUT the buttons along the top of the webmail window are whited out, with the words missing and only the icons showing. A second refresh puts everything back to normal. This happens when I'm reporting spam from any folder, but only when reporting spam. Normally I would suspect something amiss with my laptop but it happens identically on my other laptop and also a desktop pc., so......... any ideas? Incidentally the operating systems are Vista 64bit and XP.
  11. Moderator Edit: Moved from the Reporting Forum section to the E-Mail system Forum section, then merged into an existing Topic on the same subject. I'm getting this message.. A fatal error has occurred Could not connect to database for SQL SessionHandler. Details have been logged for the administrator. Nothing is showing in the status page and I can browse normally... what's wrong?
  12. OK... tracking URLs have now been updated... there is definitely no URL which corresponds to the error message which I gave in the first post in this thread. All the URLs shown in the "Previous Reports" list correspond to "normal" SC Quick Reports which I have received. The error messages, which are Titled "Spamcop Autoresponder" are totally stand-alone; it looks to me as though SC is rejecting its own reports somehow.
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