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  1. Hello! I'm sorry for possibile re-requesting things discussed earlier. Because of my poor English I don't know how to ask properly what I want and search forum archives for it. If fomething like that have discussed above, don't kill me please - smply send me a link. *** 1. I serve a few corporate sites receiving much spam 2. Usually "spam waves" came across all that sites. So, mixing/crossing email traffic from all that sites makes "realtime advertising view" deeper and helps to build more generous spam rules for all this sites. Idea is: 3. Mantain a list of (about 100) trap-emails on each site and advertise it for spam-bots by publishing on a special page called "Welcome to spam-bots!"? 4. Than, collect all garbage from theise boxes to simple account, rbl[at]mydomain.host for example (there are no normal letters because no real users reads them and they are not announced to real site visitors) and forward to a SpamCop submission using single pre-paid Spamcop account. Goal is: A. Make spam submission automatic ( for immediately bombimg spam sources at any time of day/night). B. I assume, that if I have One real email and 100 "traps" on each of my sites, spammers have 1 chance against 99 to hit real address BUT they get a spam-shoot all other times. So, if spam-shoting have any effect, sending spam becames a nonsense, because a chance to be shooted is much more than a chance to promote business. Question is: I. Am I invent a bycicle? II. How much does it cost using SpamCop? III. Is SpamCop ready (and happy) for this scheme?
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