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  1. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    I really appreciate this advise. I'm shutting the flow off now. I hoped it would work but I didn't understand that there were glitches that could cause reports to be filed against people I had in my mailhosts list.
  2. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    First, Thanks to Betsy, I think I may be able to fix my problem with a patch to spamcup which will click the copy to knujon for me as well as click the final send reports button. In fact I do use the scbl as well as a number of other RBLs. The really significant change that I made to my spam filtering is that I moved all of the checks that used to be done in sendmail for the purpose of catching spam, out of sendmail into spamassassin. The problem was that when sendmail rejected a message, spamassassin never learned from it. Moving the checks now cause better management of the AWLs and Bayes tables. Also, I'll be in touch with knujon to have them make arrangements. And thanks to Wazoo. You provided me with good info and I'm hoping that what I say here will be useful to others: You have legitimate concerns about how I can use spamcup to blindly confirm all submitted reports and still do the right thing. In fact, I have not had a false positive in about 2-3 years. I have a python scri_pt I wrote which runs in a cron job on a daily basis which provides a report of all mail that is rejected (and therefore sent to spamcop). I always check it to see if there's anyone in that list I know.
  3. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    I think we're getting sidetracked. Knujon actually wants all email that is spam. There is nothing from them that indicates that they want only spam that contains URLs to websites. And! Just in case they are not getting what they want they are free any time to let me know so I can make modifications. Either way, we do agree that I am responsible for all of the reports that I send out. Further, I am very comfortable with the quality of the selection process and the accuracy of the reports that I send out. Can we please get back to the question? It's very simple: I filled in a field called Public standard report recipients (PSRR) with the address that I want to use. Then I checked a box that says 3rd party report default. The text for that box (3rdPRD) says: Sometimes, people other than the ISP as identified by SpamCop have an interest in seeing copies of SpamCop reports (for example, small downstream providers, or users running services on a DSL or cable-modem). SpamCop will offer you a checkbox on the web-reporting form when this occurs. Normally, this checkbox is default ON, but by changing this option, you can alter the behavior of SpamCop so that the default is OFF. I am guessing that the checkbox is referring to reports that would go to other email addresses that could be viewed as interested parties. Clicking those extra addresses manually is not needed because this preference causes those addresses to be added to the list of addresses who get copies, and those addresses are by default set to checked. Is there a way that I can cause the checkbox for the knujon email address I entered in the PSRR field to also be prechecked, so that when I run spamcup, the copy of the spam will also go to that address? Thanks
  4. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    Ok. Someone is confused and it may very well be me. My understanding is that knujon wants all email spam, not just spam that contains URLs to web scams. I just went to the knujon website to confirm that and it was my understanding based on the talk we got at the MIT spam Conference. I agree that spamcop is a tool, but I don't see that as an impediment for what I want to do. What am I missing? Everything that I report is spam and it should all be processed. No?
  5. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    I started this discussion on the Suggested Tools and Applications forum and I took it as far as I could, but now I'm here and I'm hoping to do better. My situation is slightly more complex than the average person so please bear with me. Moderator Edit: Posted into; SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > How to use .... Instructions, Tutorials SpamCop Reporting How to Instructions Only - Problems and issues belong in the other specific Forum sections As this is a follow-on to a current Topic/Discussion, adding much more information, I am going to "Merge" this 'new' Topic into that existing one (which had also been moved to the pb[Reporting Help Fotum section. I run my own mail server in my own personal domain on a linux box on my cable modem. I'm running sendmail and spamassassin. In the past, the few messages that got through (i.e., the false negatives) would be sent to spamcop. All of the mail I send to spamcop is automatically confirmed by a commandline tool called spamcup. It works great, there are no problems with it and that's a good thing because it has not been supported for a few years. Basically, it's a small perl scri_pt. When I run spamcup, I set it to not ask for confirmation. It just blindly confirms everything. I take pride in doing an excellent job of not reporting anything that doesn't deserve it. NO MISTAKES. I used to send approximately a half dozen per day to spamcup. I only sent those that had gotten through spamassassin (i.e., the false negatives.) I run a few local mailinglists on my server using Majordomo2 and all email is properly equipped with identification and unsub instructions. The total number of subscribers is ~1500 with 10-20 messages per day on average. Besides the half dozen that I reported to spamcop, the total number of spam messages per day is around 800 - 1200. I do not give accounts to people but I wanted to mention this so you have a flavor what what I'm doing. I recently made a tweak to my server to cause all rejected messages to be sent to spamcop. I also set up a job to run every 15 minutes to run spamcup and confirm everything. So nothing sits on spamcop for longer than that. I do this simply because I want to contribute. Right now a reasonable estimate for the total amount of spam in the world is running between 60%-80% of the total. Recently, I attended the Annual MIT spam Conference. This year, I met the people who created the Knujon.org operation. They are also looking for spam feeds. Their thrust is to work with legislators and DA's to stimulate prosecutions. They are really doing good work. I saw in my spamcop account that I can set Public standard report recipients (PSRR) to point to a coldrain.net address that was issued to me by knujon. I set that field in my account to the coldrain address. I also saw a field in my account setting called 3rd party report default which I set to Send by default. Everything is working well. The only problem I have is that the confirmation form returned to me by spamcop does not set the checkbox in the PSRR field. It is unchecked. So, when I run spamcup, all the spam is properly confirmed but knujon is not getting their copy. I thank everyone for reading this far. Now I can ask my question: Is this a bug that the PSRR field is not checked even though I have set the 3rd party report default set to Send by default? If this is not a bug, is there some other setting I can use to cause a copy to be sent there? PLEASE let me know if you need more information. Like I said, this is not a vanilla scenario and I'd like to help with the data I have available. TIA
  6. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    I've gotten some feedback from you all and I think the suggestion for this material being sent to the SpamCop Reporting Help forum is probably the best idea. I would like to add a couple of points that seem to have confused people (for which I apologise): * I have been using spamcop for many years. * I do an excellent job of only reporting only that which is really spam. * I used to report only those messages that got though my spam filters (i.e, the false negatives). * I am running my own mail server. * I use spamcup (spelled with a U) as a commandline tool to confirm all of the spam that I send to spamcop. * I have spamcup set to not give me the option to look at the report before confirming. When I start the program it runs to completion and confirms everything. * I just switched my server settings over so that whereas I used to only send those few messages that made it through the filter (about < a half dozen per day) I now send all messages that are caught. This means that spamcop is now getting between 800-1200 messages per day from my server. * Confirming all of them manually is not feasible and I do an excellent job of not reporting people's messages who should not be reported. There has not been a slip-up in at least two years (that I know of). If spamcop offered an option to not require post confirmation, I would take it and I would take it with confidence at how well my system works. * The part that I'd like to get fixed is to get the knujon address to be cc'd. I can't do that from the spamcup interface because even though the entry is in the form, it's not by default checked. Spamcup only confirms the whole default report. * Spamcup has not been actively supported for a few years but it's a small perl scri_pt and it seems to work quite well. And the price was right. I'll certainly monitor this thread, but I'll start it over on the Spamcop Reporting Help forum. Thanks to all.
  7. stevenworr

    spamcup, account prefs, and defaults

    "I'm confused when you say you don't use the web interface. Normally, if you forward your spams to SpamCop, you then have to go to the web interface to inspect them and rack them up for reporting." I'm using spamcup which is a commandline tool for reporting. spamcup has an option to approve all reports without confirmation. That's what I'm using. Also, What I'm trying to get is whether the PSRR should be checked by default BECAUSE I checked 3rd Party report default
  8. I looked, I researched, I read, I'm exhausted, and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask, but I really tried the best I could. I am running spamcup to confirm all of the spam that I report. I have taken great pains to make sure that the messages I report are exactly what I want reported and that the innocent will not be blamed. In my account settings, I have set Public standard report recipients to point to a coldrain.net address run by knujon. Spamcop lets me set the field and the instructions say If you wish others to receive a copy of every spam you submit, enter the email address here. Please do not send to any address which is not receptive to receiving untargetted spam reports. Note this will create only one copy for each spam, even if there are multiple reports per spam. When the spam is reported and I get the request to confirm, I go there and that box for the PSRR field is filled in with the correct address but it is not checked by default. There's also a field called 3rd party report default which is set to Send by default. Since I'm not using the web interface, knujon never gets their copy of the message. Is this a bug? Is it a feature? Should I have seen the answer somewhere else? TIA
  9. Thanks. This did help some. I'm still confused, so please bear with me. Like I said, I own a domain and have a few dozen aliases that all go to my one main address. I also have a couple of other external (to me) addresses that forward to my main address. So my understanding of the topology I should be using is as follows: M == my Main address A(i) == my various aliases on my own domain E(j) j = 1..2 == my two external addresses that forward to M A(1) A(2) A(3) ...A(N-2) A(N-1) A(N) E(1) E(2) | | | | | | | | --------------------+----------------------------------- | M (I know this doesn't display right, but the idea is all the A's and all the E's sit onto of and feed into M.) I have gone ahead and processed 6 of the A addrs and both of the E addrs after M. Now when I look at my mailhost config to add a new host, it doesn't show all of the addresses I set. It only shows hosts. It seems like it has seen enough of the local addresses. Can I assume this is ok? Also, the display of the configuration allows me to select from a pulldown of alternate hostnames and/or ip addresses that are a part of the equation. Can I assume this is for display purposes and not for effecting changes in settings?
  10. I looked but didn't see anything that clearly explained my question. I own a domain. Within that domain I have a few dozen email aliases. Do I need to fill out a seperate mailhost entry for each alias that the spammers send to? I don't mind doing it, I just needed to make sure before I do so I don't needlessly clog up the database. Thanks.
  11. I reported spam and somehow the provider of my secondary MX record was implicated. Is there a way to automatically prevent reports from being filed against this domain? I know that I should not have approved the message against that domain but I'm wondering if there's any automatic mechanism I can register them with. Thanks