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  1. APEWS Record Number: E-219378 IP : This is the record number of the apews listing for my network. and listed is also the ip that has been blocked. So i would like to request for removal. Thanks. *Read in the APEWS Faq that : The network owner (and no one else) can then post a message in a public forum mentioned above with the APEWS record number (eg. E=211497) and/or the IP address/range/domain information in it. Placing the text "APEWS:" in the subject can help a APEWS editor or developer see the message and they may double check the listing So i hope this is in the right place. If its not please correct me and if theres any other way to get my ip removed do let me know. Thanks.
  2. hmhazim

    mta poor reputation.

    this question is not related to this problem, how to stop outgoing emails from my company from being blocked by the recepient. bcos it seems like a lot of emails dont reach the receiver. cost is not an issue bcos important emails need to reach the receiver. thanks.
  3. hmhazim

    mta poor reputation.

    run an ACERBLCHECK to check for ip blocking my ip was listed in a few of them. is listed at bl.redhatgate.com ( is listed at bl.spam-trap.net ( is listed at vote.drbl.sampo.ru ( is listed at work.drbl.sampo.ru ( is listed at vote.drbl.bmik.ru ( is listed at rol.drbl.bmik.ru ( is listed at work.drbl.bmik.ru ( is listed at country-rirdata.dnsiplists.completewhois.com ( CA - Canada is listed at ca.rbl.cluecentral.net ( is listed at ca.countries.nerd.dk ( is listed at zz.countries.nerd.dk ( so what can i do to prevent from being listed and what to do to get of their lists now.
  4. hmhazim

    mta poor reputation.

    did a check on the block lists and im not listed in any of them.
  5. hmhazim

    mta poor reputation.

    checked with block lists and my companies ip is not in any of them. ill try checking with the receiver, whether they have our ip blocked. ill ask for the reason then ill get back to you guys, thanks for the replies. appreciate it.
  6. hmhazim

    mta poor reputation.

    need help fr you guys. got this error msg this morning after sending a mail. 554 Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTA's poor reputation. If you believe that this failure is in error, please contact the intended recipient via alternate means. checked my companies ip and its email reputation is neutral(senderbase, senderscore) and also unverified(secure computing). this error only occurs when i send mail to a specific company, others are fine. my questions are: 1) what caused this problem to happen? 2) how do i rectifiy it, how do i make my email reputation better 3) do i need to subscribe to email rep monitors such as fr habeas or any other providers. thanks, appreciate it.