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  1. My account was paid through December 31, 2013. I sent a check #300738703 payable to Corporate Email Services dated 11/16/2013 by postal mail to the address listed in your instructions to renew the account. Sunday, December 15 my account was de-activated even though it was paid through the end of December. I can no longer log into my account. I do not receive email that I send to this account. What do I need to re-activate the account? Can anyone please confirm whether the check has been received? I would like to re-activate the account at least so I can print the form to re-send payment and renew the account? Please what is the status of the account? Please reference the following cases. Case 54475 Case 54395 Case 54488 Thanks for your help.
  2. Please check these other cancelled reports since they also erroneously indicate my service provider as a source of spam. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z359799952z36...527e6f514f0c69z report ID #:804400447 report ID #:804372302 report ID #:804412956 report ID #:804416068 report ID #:804418866 All these reports include my service provider as a spammer which is not true.
  3. Please check http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z359790286zb2...9bfcc18f96cec8z This report preview still points to my service provider as a spammer even though I already followed the procedure to register and obtain a waiver for this host (wisc.edu). I will cancel this report, but I hope you can still access the cancelled report.
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