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  1. Please see your "Held Mail" Folder in Webmail, starting at https://webmail.spamcop.net or http://webmail.spamcop.net . Also, please try the new options in http://news.spamcop.net/pipermail/spamcop-...ber/011836.html , a post by JT to spamcop.mail with Message-ID bqjdfg$c9k$1[at]news.spamcop.net entitled "New spam reporting options (beta test)" on Tue, 02 Dec 2003 at 20:15:07 -0500. You may wish to adjust "Messages per page in the mailbox view" in Webmail's Options / Other Options / Display Options. Jeff, Thanks for this information. I typically use the non-webmail view of Held Mail (the one accessible from www.spamcop.net). What JT seems to be suggesting in his December post on "new spam reporting options" is that Spamcop will be moving in the direction of using the WebMail interface for reporting functions -- even for those people like me who are forwarding mail to their local ISP and normally don't use WebMail at all. This could take some getting used to, but I'll give it a try. Thanks for your suggestions. JT, is the idea that the non-WebMail Held Mail interface may be phased out in the future? /dp
  2. I think HHP points to a significant issue: it's possible to get very large amounts of held mail, but still feel the need to review it all regularly for false positives. I like the idea of having one or more mechanisms for weeding out the stuff that can safely be assumed to not require review (eg, stuff above a certain spam Assassin threshold). A couple of other thoughts: * I think having the ability to choose different ways to sort the held mail list could make it easier to quickly review for false positives. I do this with the bulk mail folder in my Yahoo account and find that sorting by From address or by Subject putd the duplicates next to each other and makes scanning for false positives quicker. I've suggested this before and heard no responses. What do other people think? * I find the recently introduced system of displaying only 100 held e-mails at a time to be rather unwieldy. If I'm away from my computer for just a few days, I can easily come home to over 1,000 spams in Held Mail. Going through them 100 at a time can be very time consuming. I would really appreciate the option to control how many messages get displayed per page. I'd like to see choices of 50, 100, 200, 500, and ALL.
  3. OK, after talking to JT, I logged out completely, restarted my browser, and logged back in. This did the trick, and now I can see my held mail. Not sure what got messed up, but I guess the moral of the story is that, if I experience the problem again in the future, the first thing to try is logging out and then logging back in. Thanks to JT for his prompt replies! /dp
  4. I'm a long-time Spamcop user and typically I get 100 or more Spams in my Held Mail every day. For some reason yesterday and today nothing at all is showing up in Held Mail. Is there something going on with the SpamCop mail server? I have not seen any announcements indicating a problem. Thanks. /dp
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