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  1. I just noticed that in 'rejected entries' that greylisting is blocking a few gmail addresses trying to email my account. Looking at the source IP they are indeed coming from gmail servers. This clearly is not good. I think the timeouts need expanded or something. Untill then I have turned greylisting off. I think its an excellent idea but the minimum of 30 minutes of wait and timeout of 4 hours is just too narrow. It should be 10 minutes to like 12 hours in my opinion. Perhaps even just 5 minutes. Even 5 minutes will give new spam sources time to hit a few spam traps and get listed so blacklist and/or spamassassin can catch them.
  2. Since mail servers typically retry every 15 minutes would it not be better to delay only say 10 -14 minutes instead of 30? In 10 minutes due to spam traps etc. a sender is likely been reported to many blacklists and possibly razor. This would be less delay to wait also. I have sent several emails from my email address at work over last couple days. They have never gotten through yet. Its running on Exim with Clamav and spamassassin. I am not sure why but I suspect its not retrying every 15 minutes like its supposed to by looking at the log files. In exim.conf it looks to be setup to try every 15 minutes though. I suspect maybe a high load due to spamassissin is delaying processing the queue and the large amount of messages in the queue. Perhaps the windows can be extended from 4 hours to 12 hours to fix things like this?
  3. It would be nice if there was an option to automatically purge held mail over say 30 days old. I use POP and SMTP mostly and do not log into webmail to much normally to purge it and it grows huge. Actually I would like any messages over 7 days old purged from both heldmail and trash folders. Another thing is it would be nice if we had spamassassin updated to 3.2.1 on all the smtp servers. And another option I would like to is to just move all messages that spamassassin scores over 5 to held mail and all those that score over 10 be just thrown away or rejected at smtp time. Due to multi-recipient messages rejecting at smtp time can be tricky though. Matt
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