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  1. I've been using spamcop now for probably two or three years. My white lists have gotten polluted over the years after an accidental markings of a spam here or there to be released. My whitelist is about 74 pages long, and deleting them one page at a time in quantities of 5 is getting old. Is there anyway to nuke my whole whitelist and start over? Thanks Tom
  2. Hi. I turned on mailhost because I was getting a lot of 'forged' reports from some really annoying 'christian debt collectors' Now, none of my spam reports are successfull. Here is what I get from the 'quick report' From: ccsry[at]yahoo.com Subject: sleeping aids for you non sleepers error:You have failed to configure your own mail host, from which you pop mail Mailhost: ( ) I followed the instructions on each of my domains that I receive email on ([at]ansihell.com, [at]nomorestars.com and [at]earthlink.net) and received all the notes. I forwarded them as instructed and never got any feedback. The only thing I'm thinking I might have done wrong is that my reply-to is [at]nomorestars.com. Otherwise, I'm using Mail.app on Mac OS X 10.3.3 and have had no problems before submitting spam or anything with it. Thanks Tom
  3. Hi. I was getting a lot of spam that was not able to be verified due to POP forgeries and did the Mailhost thing. Pretty straight forward, received mail, forwarded to address specified. However now I'm getting errors in my spam reporting of 'mail host not defined <ip addr>' I re-did the mail host thing to all my MX records again (18, whew) and still the only thing listed is the spamcop.net address. Am I supposed to forward back from the address sent too? I use my standard email address of trekkie[at]nomorestars.com even though I have three other hosts I use. Thanks
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