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  1. Just because the SpamCop club members are sick of spammers does not give anyone the right to be rude. Just because you cannot see my face does not give you permission to make fun of me. If you want real people to use this forum as a place for help, the moderators might want to think about kindness a little. Everyone cannot be a smart and wonderful as you are. It is hard to listen to your argument. My eyes and ears tend to tune out when people are making fun of me because I use a different email service than they do.
  2. But what about legitimate email that you want to get in your inbox? SpamCop has no safety net for that. There seems to be a too bad so sad attitude about people who get stuck in the middle. I have read a post about someone trying to contacct a family member in a foreign country who can't because of spam Cops list. I keep hearing that spam Cop has no responsibility for this matter. But YOU DO! If it weren't for your list, my email wouldn't be blocked. An ISP can choose to use the list or not, yada yada yada. But the bottom line is, I have never had an email blocked by anyone but SpamCop's list. And it never happened before the stupid test virus came along. Spammers are spoiling email for the rest of us. However, SpamCop has given me a big headache in the last 24 hours. Best of all, I can't do a thing about it.
  3. I was not trying to "fool" you. I thought, maybe, since there were so many posts on my previous message, and maybe because this was a related but somewhat different twist on the topic, that I might get an answer by listing it seperately and save someone having to read all the stuff that was not directly related. Excuse me for thinking about someone else. That thought is in a minority on this web forum. You need to treat me in a respectful manner. I have done nothing to you.
  4. I have just talked to two people who I was blocked from emailing yesterday. Neither of them have spam Cop. How is spam Cop bouncing email if they are not even subscribed?
  5. I have just talked to two people who I was blocked from emailing yesterday. Neither of them have spam Cop. How is spam Cop bouncing email if they are not even subscribed?
  6. The irony of it is that Mailblocks was doing its job. It has successfully kept that virus out of my inbox with the challenge.
  7. I'll buy that. We have that virus coming from discontinued email addresses from 2 years ago. However, if a virus is causing SpamCop to block my email to my friend, why is that my fault or even Mailblocks fault? Perhaps, SpamCop should have a time of moratorium on blocking email services. Some jerk has his jollies screwing up email traffic and you are letting him screw it up even more. Mary
  8. After this lovely experience, I will *never* be a customer of spam Cop. I am also contacting all my friends who use it to tell them about this wonderful evening I have spent with spam Cop. Mailblocks uses a challenge with no advertising. A spammer sends me some hated spam. His computer gets a challenge from Mailblocks. If he can prove that he is a human sending email (which of course he cannot), he merely clicks on a an html tag that proves he read the mail (which he didn't since he has already dumped that email address). The challenges are not solicited. They are in response to an email sent to a person like me who hates 25 emails from Uganda a day. (Does anyone really give them a bank account?) I have a right to challenge any unsolicited email. You can also block entire domain names, etc. Obviously you like your spam service. I like mine too. It doesn't require spending all night on the computer. It would also make sense for spam Cop to allow replies to current messages. I merely wanted to contact someone at my own church. It is not like I was trying to sell something. But that is another question for another day. Regards to you, Mary
  9. Actually, I have kept my browser on, hoping that someone might give me some information without as much attitude. If the challenge/response is giving SpamCop problems, what do I need to do to recitfy it?
  10. My ISP is a spam blocking service not a spam sending service.
  11. Hi, I have been blocked several times this week from sending email to my friends. I have looked up my ISP and my number. Neither seem to be blocked. How do I unblock my email to my friends? :angry: Here is the header for one of the blocked emails.... Your message of Wed, 28 Jan 2004 18:24:54 -0800 entitled: (no subject) could not be delivered to the following recipient(s): x[at]X.com -- does not like recipient. Remote host said: 571 5.7.1 SpamCop reject for - See http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml Giving up on The full text of the message is attached below. ------------------------------------------------------------ Return-Path: <ncbergs-0dgf0AJoqkGgg3xSeLwIk4EUyj6/k3/[at]mailblocks.com> Received: (qmail 16301 invoked from network); 29 Jan 2004 02:24:49 -0000 Received: from (HELO mailblocks.com) ( by with SMTP; 29 Jan 2004 02:24:49 -0000 Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 18:24:54 -0800 From: <ncbergs[at]bellsouth.net> Message-Id: <ncbergs-0dgf0AJkqkGgnRArSd7xwWpyq4qGaPr[at]mailblocks.com> Received: from by app1.mailblocks.com ( with HTTP (Mailblocks); Wed, 28 Jan 2004 18:24:54 -0800 X-MB-Message-Source: WebUI X-MB-Message-Type: User In-Reply-To: <000f01c3e602$19325d40$48b44a18[at]netvista> Subject: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed MIME-Version: 1.0 To: x[at]x.com X-Priority: 3 I just checked and... The IP address does not appear on the MAPS RBL.
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