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  1. I already have my cesmail account forwarded to gmail. Gmail sent the email change notice from CES to the gmail spam folder. lol
  2. I've seen the same, although everything came back in a minute or so. Happened a couple of times on two accounts on separate machines. Both the imap client and the webmail inboxes were empty then reappeared. Also seeing intermittent server errors - not responding, server out of disk space, unable to save message in sent folder.
  3. Two points: 1. Shouldn't this thread be in the subforum "SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup" with other discussions on this topic? 2. SSL/TLS with port 993 do work for IMAP with Thunderbird, for those preferring a secured connection.
  4. See also this sub-forum: SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > SpamCop Email System & Accounts > SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup Particularly, under Important Topics: "Pinned: FAQ: Getting Mail From The SpamCop Email System" It may be worth looking through the Flat-Rate Email Account Setup subforum for answers to other questions.
  5. I have found that some newsletter-type email senders do not work well with the greylist on. They wait long periods before retrying, or use a different sending IP address for each resend because they have several sending servers. Thus the messages never get past the greylist. Also, the sending address shown in the greylist reports is not always the same as the sending address you see in the message, and therefore you may not be whitelisting the right address. Therefore, it might be wise to leave the greylist completely off until you get this problem resolved. At least this worked for me after similar cases of newsletters or other commercial email that never arrived. One of my credit card companies would periodically stop sending alerts that I subscribed to. I would check my account online, and my email address was flagged as "invalid." This problem stopped when I turned off the greylist permanently.
  6. The evidence doesn't support the idea that there is something wrong with the ISP upstream. Once mckemie changed his spamcop account to forward to gmail, the problem disappeared. How could that correct a problem with the upstream ISP? Also, there is the fact that email sent directly to his spamcop address has disappeared. That seriously suggests a problem with spamcop. It is a weird problem for sure, in that other accounts seem unaffected. Seems like something got corrupted in mckemie's account on or about the time there was a reported problem with the imap servers. But we cannot tell what, from where we sit. The poor support is a another, ongoing problem. For this reason, I have never recommended spamcop email to friends or family. Eventually, like mckemie, I think I should look for email with better support.
  7. I'm not saying greylisting is bad, just that I found some senders did not follow the standard resend parameters. And one forwarding service that just refused to forward any more email at all after getting several bounces back within a certain time period. Troubleshooting often involves making one change after another to find the cause, or at least more clues as to the cause.
  8. Greylisting: I had an email forwarding service that didn't like getting a lot of temporary rejections from the spamcop greylisting system. The forwarding system would just flag my spamcop account as "dead" and stop sending until I went in and restarted the forward. I also found that some other systems sending email to me didn't follow the standard retry times and would delay resending email by days instead of minutes or hours. So I gave it up. Unlikely to be the sole cause of the problem here, but as a friend of mine says, "Two or more things can go wrong at the same time. And frequently do."
  9. If the forwarding out of spamcop is working, you might consider keeping the subscription going for another year, in order to give people more time to learn your new address. I know it is annoying to pay another cent to a support failure, but my experience with changing email addresses is most people just don't get their address books updated in response to a notice of changed email. My wife still sometimes gets important email sent to an address she "closed" over a year ago, and has to remind some people several times before they purge her old address from their books. The problem is compounded by the usual lack of sync between desktop, laptop, and handheld address books that people use. As to the underlying problem, it certainly is weird. More straws float by for grasping: Make sure there are no rules or filters in effect under "other options." Make sure the greylist is off. In fact, maybe turn off every blacklist and other option you can find, to get back to just plain email client.
  10. It sounds almost like your spamcop email is being forwarded or popped to yet another address. Unlikely, I know but a couple of long shots to look at while you are waiting for a better answer: 1. On your spamcop email options-tools webpage, make sure there is nothing in the Forwarding Address box. 2. Change your spamcop password to prevent some malware or rogue email application from somehow popping your email OUT of your spamcop inbox. Probably you will say you already tried these things, but since you didn't specifically mention them ... like I said, longshots.
  11. I don't suggest any more places. There are probably too many places already. I'm simply suggesting omission of even mildly insulting phraseology in replies to posts, no matter how dumb the original post seems. And I recognize the ultimate responsibility for these problems rests with spamcop management. I have warmed Don's inbox with a few comments along these lines. I'm sorry to have jumped into this here. and will simply go back to hoping the aforesaid "management" takes some constructive action. Eventually.
  12. Sorry Steve, I shouldn't have directed my comment to you. I misread the thread, and thought you had made the original reply with the "if you had bothered" remark. I need to read more carefully. I may have to fire myself.
  13. Might not be that hard to do. Simply omit statements like "If you'd bothered to read . . ." from your posts. Omit anything that could be construed as passing personal judgments, and stick to impersonal, factual information. Or simply point to where the FAQ answers the question, and move on. I offer this humble suggestion after 30 years in a job where absolute politeness was required in the face of far, far, stupider comments than usually seen on this board, and where any sort of snarky or archness or hint of snideness was potentially a firing offense.
  14. Point well taken. I forgot which subforum we are in. My apologies. Please resume fire as you feel appropriate.
  15. This thread has drifted pretty far from the original post, which was a comment on the inaccuracy or incompleteness of some of the spamcop.net pages and links. Regardless of who owns what, unless someone here is in a position to say "I can take care of that," or "I can forward your comment to someone who can take of that," further discussion doesn't help much.
  16. Yes, and from my point of view, dead links are a reflection of the lack of professionalism by the maintainer of the webpage, regardless of where they point. Which is Cisco, and thus not a reflection on this Forum and the Wiki. Which are appreciated by myself and many others, I'm sure.
  17. This still appears to leave Cisco Iron Port responsible for the dead links on the pages identified by MyNameHere.
  18. Well, I think you have cured me of any desire to post further, privately or publicly. Bye.
  19. Wazoo, Most of the discussion that you quote above are my responses to other people bringing up issues other than the one I first raised. People want to be helpful, and some of them think I should try a different approach, or that I am just flat wrong about email forwarding and greylists. So I responded to those messages. But the only question I have is one that I think is closely related to the cesmail system: Does anyone know of a forwarding service that is known to work with the greylist as implemented by the cesmail system? I guess the answer to my question is: No. No one has a suggestion as to a forwarding service that is known to work with cesmail with the greylist option turned on. I do really appreciate the intent behind the other helpful suggestions and information. But I'm not asking how greylists are generally implemented. I read the greylist whitepaper months ago, and every post on this board that I could find about greylisting. And, I'm not asking for help in trying to fix my current forwarder's problems. Nor am I asking about how to get rid of legacy email addresses. I just have the one question. So I'm ready to punt on this one. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to try to help. One thing I have learned is to be very, very careful how I phrase any future questions on this board.
  20. Perhaps I phrased the question poorly. I'm not sure where the greylist gets the sender's address part of the triplet. But with the kind of forwarding that Forever mail does, the decision to greylist is based on the original sender's address and IP, not the forwarder's. Its not like manually forwarding a message. I've looked at the greylist reports for months now, and the adverse effects you describe were not happening for email coming through the forwarding service. Only spam was winding up on the rejected list. Legit email worked its way through the pending list. The IP addresses listed on the pending list belonged to the original senders. It was as if Forevermail was just another router along the way. It worked just the same as email sent directly to another spamcop address that I have. I assumed there must be other forwarding services that work the same way, but you seem convinced they do not. Again, I don't think the greylist caused forevermail to act up. To test what the problem was, I changed my forevermail forwarding setting to point to a completely different destination address, not on spamcop, and there is still some problem with mail not getting through. Some email showed up 3 days late for some reason. It looks like a crashed server situation from where I sit. But its happened several times in recent weeks, and important email from a whitelisted sender never showed up at all. But anyhow, this is the problem with the forewarder, not spamcop. If there aren't other good forwarders to try, then I'm just up the creek. I would like to keep the old email address around, but I need the greylist. It was only thing that made the spam manageable. Now, if spamcop just offered custom domain hosting, I would be all set.
  21. Wazoo, I don't know where you got the idea there is a bad reporting situation. I didn't say that. There is some other problem with my forwarding host that has nothing to do with reporting. It simply isn't working no matter where I forward it. I'm looking for a new forwarding system that is known to work with the greylist (some don't.) Forevermail used to work just fine, and correctly sent back greylist "wait" requests. Just recently forevermail has become unreliable, greylist or no greylist, and I'm tired of them. I'm looking for input from people familiar with the greylist, which is why I thought I would be more likely to find them in the email system thread than the Lounge. Petzl, Forevermail does not have mailbox storage, so there is nothing to pop from. They immediately forward everything they get. Or are supposed to. Strictly a forwarding service. Thanks for the legacy advice, but it takes time to fade things out. And there is a professional investment in this particular email address that is a shame to lose. And you can't guarantee spamcop will always be here. Uh, that is what Forevermail originally promised. And then they sold out to a bigger company who cares not so much....
  22. Can anyone recommend a reliable email forwarding service that hosts custom domain names? One that is known to work well with Spamcop email, including the greylist? In other words, a forwarder that does not alter the "from" or "return path", so that the greylist will judge the email based on the original "from". I have a custom email address that is forwarded to my spamcop address, but my current forwarding service (forevermail.com) has become unreliable. Mail is just disappearing at forevermail. It isn't being forwarded, and it isn't being sent back. It used to work just fine, until the last few months. I just have one old custom email address that I really need to keep and forward to my spamcop address. Thanks, Bob
  23. It may be worth noting that Versamail comes in several flavors. On my T|X it is 3.1. An upgrade to 3.5 is available for a cost. Version 4.0 is available only for Centro. Treos can have 2.x or 3.x versions. Not all versions will work on all devices. Also, Google sez there are quite a few issues with Versamail and Imap. Maybe as agsteele suggested, this client isn't worth much bother.
  24. Sorry for the lack of initial detail. I should have made it clear that I was looking for someone who had a Palm TX in hand, and could give me the winning combination, if there is one. The Versamail software is goofy enough that it is hard to diagnose any problem without seeing it.
  25. Wazoo, I did try creating and renaming folders to get the same names at both end, but that doesn't work either. There is also a specific field in the Palm where I can specify the name of the sent folder on the imap server. It makes no difference what I put in there. In makes no difference if I create a new folder named sent-mail. In any event, as DavidT notes, the Palm software does not find any folders on the server except Inbox. This is true on both the PDA and the desktop Versamail setup, which has a button to "refresh" the folder list from the server. It comes back with just Inbox. Essentially, their version of the "subscribe" function doesn't work with spamcop imap. DavidT, thanks much for confirming that it isn't "just me" with the problem.
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