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  1. It was impossible to find an address to notify gmail so I ended up going through some suggestions to improve their system email blank. This type of spam attack is almost certain to draw some type of criminal investigation. It's not like spamming pills or designer knock-offs.
  2. I received the following extortion email and wonder if others have also received something similar. (Edit Update- ran a search on the gmail address used and it's starting to turn-up in blogs) Should I report this to law enforcement? Obviously it's a scam since they make no factual references to legitmize their threats and I didn't have a webcam during that time frame. This letter made into my inbox:
  3. Thanks for the help. I think I got it. Evidently one or two of my filter rules had the "Stop checking if this rule matches?" selected. This halted the filtering process before the other rules could be checked. I'd been uncertain as to whether the "stop checking..." meant that further filtering of an "INDIVIDUAL" email wouldn't be necessary once a trigger word had been tripped. However, it seems the rule means halting the filtering sweep of "ALL" the other emails.
  4. 'Spamnophobic' -thanks for the info. The problem I'm encountering is client-based filters, not server-based. Clicking the funnel icon to apply the filters in the "Held Mail" file doesn't always seem to work. For example, I just had to apply them several times filter words like "casino." Perhaps it is something in my filter settings. In setting-up a filter rule I'm a bit confused as to what the selection "Stop checking if this rule matches" is referring. Does this mean simply to delete the particular email once a particular filter word is tripped? Or does it mean to halt the entire filtering process and not check anymore of the rules down the list for other emails? I have 19 filter rules at this time.
  5. The term "watches" and some other terms are not being grabbed when the filter icon is applied to the subject lines of mail in my Held Mail file. It seems to be working perfectly for most terms but for some reason certain words, especially "watches" seem to be immune to the filter. In anticipation of some likely suggestions: Yes, I've checked the settings for the filter rule. Also, it's the actual word "watches" and not trick spellings. There are a few other terms which seem to be able to resist the filter application. Is there some way the spammers can rig the subject lines to cause this to happen?
  6. StevenUnderwood wrote I'm certainly not alone. I've read posts in other threads on the frustration associated with mounting spam despite all the reporting. Remember, this thread was originally started by jpdarcis asking about obvious spam. Amenex wrote: This is exactly my point and I'm recieving the same amount of spam. Having suspect emails routed to the "Held Mail" folder separates most of the likely spam and certainly makes it easier to sift through but you still have to go through it. However, I still don't understand why absolute blatant spam keywords can't be programmed into Spamcop to be rejected, even automatically reported if possible. I've set-up a fairly good set of keywords to filter. At first this seemed like a way to reduce the obvious spam that piles up in my held mail. However, for some reason the filtering is working sporadically. I have to click the funnel Icon button many times to get it to start picking away at the spam. It wasn't even working on many of them today, some even had multiple trigger spam words in the subject line and they would still be unaffected by hitting the funnel button numerious times. Any answers?
  7. Andrew wrote You have to be kidding. If the word "Penis" alone was filtered in the subject line, spam would be probably drop 10% How many people regularly receive normal email with the word "penis" in the subject line?? For those few that do then they probably wouldn't want to have a spamcop account if it was filtered. Here's just a few of the subject lines from the 15 messages I've received in my "Held Mail" during the last hour. Let's see if our panel of experts reading this post can reach consensus on which ones are spam: 1.) Don't be embarrassed every time you get naked! Larger penis is your reality with Megadik! 2.) hey man, your girl feel down with your shorterPenis, our herbal pill can longer bjp 3.) National quality drugs 4.) light skinned sexy black twink fu**ed by a latino guy 5.) Dad loves getting nasty with his two daughters 6.) Mlcro5oft + Ado6e t|tles as L0W as 1O$ 7.) Replica Handbags 8.) Re: Thank you, we accepted your loan request OK, how many of you guessed all of the above? If so, give yourself a pat on the back. The other 7 not listed were made-up words, asian text, a duplicate of number 1, weird looking squares. All but 5 and 8 have easy to filter spam keywords. "drugs" might present a problem since it would have legitimate purpose with many. 8 is a variant of the most prolific current spam attack plaguing my email. In number 4 the "F word" is spelled out in the actual spam subject line. In reference to my point about the level of spam quadrupling during my years of having a spamcop account despite having been a rabid spam reporter SteveT wrote: Steve, no disrespect intended but let's use this analogy: Let's say that you own a private security guard company. Suppose I owned a department store and was getting tired of the shoplifting losses so I hired your firm five years ago. Your plan was to allow all the known criminals to enter the store unimpeded, terrorize the customers and pilfer the place with the intention of using hidden security cameras to record the mayhem. You would then ask tormented customers to fill-out reports on their ordeal. Copies of everything would be sent to landlords, car dealers, gas stations and grocery stores in the area. The logic being that the owners of these businesses would cooperate in denying the criminals shelter, food and transportation to the store so they would have to leave town. Now, five years later my shoplifting losses have quadrupled under your tenure. The criminals are so brazen many of them wear t-shirts proclaiming their membership in the "shoplifting gang" Others use typical patterns easy to identify. I suggest that we need to do more such as at least stopping the obvious criminals at the door before they even enter my store. You say "We can't do that, our security personal sit in the back-room with camera and recording equipment." I counter, "yes I understand that but maybe you can also add guards at the door."
  8. DavidT- Thanks for the explanation on "catch-all" email addresses: I've determined mine is not in that category. Also thank you for your information on use of the spamcop email filter. It has allowed me to filter the subject lines with obvious spam keywords and drastically reduce the amount of spam in the "Held Mail" folder I need to sift through. I report the remaining spam after checking for false positives. As for the obvious spam which is deleted through the spam keywords in the subject line I suppose I could re-configure the filters to route it to a special folder so it could be reported as well. Thanks to the contributions of people on this board I've now been able to at least reduce the time spent going through the "Held Mail" folder. Hopefully others will have benefitted as well. This brings us to jpdarcis original question which started this thread: Why spamcop doesn't shoulder the burden of automatically detecting obvious spam keywords in the subject line and then automatically reporting it instead of leaving it to the email account holders? The answer will undoubtedly be that one in ten thousand will be a legitimate email and we don't want to offend the IP's with false reports. Well tough luck. Leave it for them to sort out the rare user who's sending-out Viagra emails which are actually legitimate. Also as I mentioned previously, there's never an excuse to allow intentional spelling variations such as Rep1ica, S*ftware, V1agra, etc.. jpdarcis also asked about spamcop reacting to user reports and I touched on this in a previous post. It would be a far better incentive if our reporting actually resulted in stopping a spam campaign in progress or subsequent future spam attacks. Right now we're doing so with no concrete results. In fact, I've been a dutifully reporting spamcop email account holder for a few years and have only watched the amount of spam I receive triple or quadruple in that time. Reporting to IP's is a great, noble concept but let's face reality: it's failed miserably. So here's a summary of what "I" as an admittedly "know-nothing" average spamcop account holder thinks and have presented through the course of this thread: 1.) Subject lines with obvious spam keywords should be filtered-out by spamcop before ever reaching the account holder, period. Ideally, this filtered spam will be automatically reported by spamcop. 2.) Member reports should be instantaneously utilized to block spam campaigns, providing a tangible benefit and incentive for doing so.
  9. SteveT- sorry for the capitals, I thought it was the other way around. StevenUnderwood- I've got everything checked for Filter Options on the Filters page. Also, I realize that the aim of Spamcop is geared toward listing the IP's of the spammers. That's my whole issue: As an email account customer this just doesn't cut-it so I'm suggesting Spamcop institute a blocking option based on spam keywords in the subject line. I don't think spamcop email clients should even have to deal with these blatant spams. DavidT- asked >"how many arrive there over a 24-hour period?"< and this is a good lead-in from the above sentence. Since I published my previous post four hours ago 70 spam are in my "Held Mail" folder and three have slipped through to my Inbox. I get about 250 spam a day. In reviewing the subject lines of the 70 in the "Held Mail" I've identified 27 that would have been easily stopped with no-brainer filtering. Here's the breakdown: Penis-10, Software-6, Pills-2, plus one each for other obvious spam words. Several had multiple filterable keywords in the subject line. There were also seven variations of the "re: Thanks you, we are ready to give your company a loan" which could also be blocked with some thought put into it. DaviT- Based on what you said I am going to re-configure my filters to deliver to folder and then select trash as the folder. Eveidently, just selecting delete doesn't do anything to the "Held Mail" Hopefully this will work. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by a catch-all address.
  10. Andrew- Yes, I've selected the "Delete Completely"Option. Also Andrew, you nailed the point of my question when you said: >"anything the spam checks identify as spam will automatically go straight to held mail before your filter is applied. Hence it appears in held mail."< That was the problem I initially raised. Just to reiterate once again: I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH spam TO DEAL WITH IN THE "HELD MAIL" FOLDER. "Held Mail" still requires me to go through all of it to find the 1 in 2,000 emails that finds it's way there mistakenly. From what you've told me the custom Spamcop filtering will only prevent it from reaching the "Inbox" and does nothing to block it from the "Held Mail." This explains why my custom filtering hasn't phased the amount of spam in my "Held Mail" folder. Hence, the proposed solution and question that I raised: WHY CAN'T SPAMCOP START BLCKING EMAILS WITH OBVIOUS spam KEYWORDS OR PHRASES IN THE SUBJECT LINE? Andrew pointed-out that some people have legitimate email containing spam keywords in the subject line: 1.) Then why not offer a check-off menu for packages of spam keywords in the same way options for the DNS Blacklist are presented? 2.) Alternatively, why couldn't the "Custom Filters" be at least moved-up to sort the "Held Mail" folder as well? By the way, regardless of need, intentional spelling deviations could be universally filtered-out. Ex: Rep1ica, V1agra, $oftware, etc. I don't want to stray from my main question but David T asked about Whitelisting my address/domain. Yes, I had to Whitelist my own email address because website orders from my business website are sent under my own email address. I'm not knowledgable enough to give a more detailed explanation on this subject. I've tried lowering my SA threshold but the number of false positives increased which actually makes it more time consuming to carefully review the "Held Mail" folder with added diligence.
  11. David T- Yes, I am referring to the custom filters which I've created with all the key spam words and their intentional spelling deviations. In regard to the blocklists I've already selected the block option for every selection on the DNS Blacklist except Korea amd set the SpamAssasin level at six. Let's go over the custom filter settings to make sure I'm not screwing something up: Starting with the "Existing Rules Page" for the custom filters I've selected the "Filter all Messages" from the pull-down menu. On the individual "Filter Rule" page I've selected: "Any of the Following" "subject contains" followed by the spam Keyword Then I've checked "Stop checking if this rule matches? " With this set-up why are the keyword spam still showing up in my Held Mail and not being immediately deleted?
  12. Farelf- Thanks for the quick reply to my post. I'm still unclear about whether it's technically possible for Spamcop to implement filters that would block email with obvious spam keywords in the subject line from ever even being seen. As previously mentioned my Spamcop account filters don't seem to be blocking the keyword-specified subject lines, these emails still overwhelm my "Held Mail" folder. By setting the filters to automatically delete, shouldn't these keyword-designated spam be immediately trashed? I realize Spamcop is not set-up to start blocking the subject line spam keywords or even if it's possible to do so. However, if such technology is available it would be of great help in reducing the amount of clutter in the "Held Mail" folders. In regard to reporting it would benefit the Spamcop customers if their reports actually helped nip specific spam in the bud. A prime example would be the recent "70% Off in September" followed by the "..% Off in October" spam which have been deluging my email and actually slipping into the "Inbox" until recently. Why couldn't Spamcop utilize the reports sent by members to immediately flag these subject lines and block them completely? Right now our reporting doesn't provide any immediate benefit to the Spamcop customers, only the hope that it will have some impact in the future which has yet to materialize. As far as the reporting aspect is concerned I want to do what I can to fight back. It's just as easy to report it rather than delete it from the Spamcop email. I still need to go through it anyway to find the one legitimate one in 2,000 that gets caught in the Held Mail. One incredibly stupid thing I was doing for years until recently was to open my Outlook Express email program before checking my Spamcop inbox which meant that I was having to manually forward spam and then go through the hassle of individually reporting it rather than simply checking it off through the Spamcop "Inbox" folder.
  13. jpdarcis's post is exactly the question I have been asking: Why are obvious spam keywords are not automatically detected and blocked from even entering the "Held Mail" box? According to Wazoo the reason is: >"It's the IP Address of the source of the email that is analyzed. "Recognizing" words like this in the content of the body is not what the parser does."< Farelf concurred by stating: >"SC as such doesn't seek to identify spam - that's what reporters are for."< OK, so Spamcop is not set-up to identify spam or stop it from reaching your email, Inbox or Held Mail. The "First Post" section characterizes it as a "Credit Reporting Agency." My question is: Why not filter obvious spam? I'm receiving well over 225 spam a day and just sorting through my Held Mail folder for the one or two legitimate ones that are shuffled among them every week is way too time consuming. If emails with subject lines containing such words as: Viagra, Penis, Enlarge, Adobe, Pharmacy, etc. along with all the intentional spelling deviations were simply blocked, my Held Mail folder would be reduced by 80% I have tried configuring my spamcop email filters to delete these but it doesn't do any good and the Held Mail is still full of the above mentioned keywords indicating that "delete" means send to Held Mail folder. I have been a Spamcop customer for a few years and an absolute stickler for dutifully reporting all spam. The quantity has only increased and something further needs to be done. I will confess right now that most of this talk of parsing headers, IP's and so forth is Chinese to me. Therefore, my question may seem incredibly naive.
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