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  1. Is there any way that I can bypass the necessity of logging on to the spamcop web page and confirming the post when I am reporting spam? Everything that I report to Spamcop with the link provided to me has already been confirmed as spam when I hit 'Send'. I don't see the need of doing the extra step.
  2. All of a sudden on Sunday Spamcop started refusing my reports saying that I'm not including the headers. Every time that I try to validate an e-mail address Spamcop is now rejecting the header, saying that no IP address was found. I am using Pine and have been since 1995. The method of displaying headers is still the same. I've been reporting to Spamcop for 2 years. I've paid into the fund twice. But I am no longer allowed to post spam. If Spamcop would at least return my messages and show me what's wrong I could try and figure it out. Instead, it's the same old song: You screwed up but we aren't going to tell you how you screwed up. Just try it again and see if you can guess what our new rules are." I guess that I paid just to get abused. -= Jim =-