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  1. I sent something off, but wanted to post it here as well. When trying the mobile site on my Treo 700p, all I get is a blank screen. Other than that, I love the new features. The new message counts, the improved new mail message screen, the spell checking, and especially the fact that the beta doesn't have a really big delay before handling operations when opened in Firefox at work. (I had been using IE Tab at work to display webmail, since IE had no delay, but Firefox did -- but only at work. Weird.)
  2. I have no issues getting to webmail with Firefox, either at home or at work. I am still having the issue that I've been having for a couple years now though -- something in the way Firefox does java scri_pt causes webmail to be extremely slow for me at work. But not home. It's really weird. If I have java scri_pt enabled, pages load very slowly at work. If I disable java scri_pt, then it is very fast -- like it is at home with java scri_pt enabled. I've set IE Tab to load webmail in an IE tab at work, and it's working well for me now, though it would still be nice to figure out what the heck is going on at some point.
  3. I did some more checking myself, and it *is* much faster going between pages with JS turned off in the options, especially at work. The only bummer is that it seems a lot of things are done via JS. So things like replies, forwards, viewing attachments, etc. all stop working if you turn JS off completely and get the speed boost. So it seems I can either have it fast and broken, slow and working, or keep swapping between the two through the Tools menu... I think for the time being, I'm going to end up sticking with slow and working, since I hate keeping on going back through the menu to switch settings.
  4. A large part of it seems to be location/ISP, though some could very well be what Spamcop has. When I access Webmail at work, the pages load very slowly -- sometimes I can load and read a couple other pages from other places while waiting for Webmail to become available. When I access Webmail from home, it is all but instant.
  5. Thanks -- I'll have to check that, since it looks like my address is right, and I got nothing in my Held Mail folder, so...
  6. Thanks swingspacers -- changing to imap.spamcop.net corrected it for me. As for where I got the reference, yep, got it from the FAQ for setting up Eudora with IMAP at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/347.html. I remembered stuff changing a while back, but since I wasn't using IMAP, I wasn't sure if it was just POP or both. So I followed the information in the FAQ. (Also, sorry for taking so long to respond. I had marked that I wanted to get sent mail on replies, but either those hit the Held Mail folder, or that feature isn't implemented. I've been swamped at work, so was looking for those to let me know I had responses.)
  7. I'm trying to use Thunderbird to connect to my Spamcop mail account using IMAP, and in general it is working very well. I have no idea why I waited so long to start using IMAP. The only issue I'm having is with the Spamcop SSL certificate. I tried roughly following the Eudora directions in the FAQ, but I can't seem to get the dialog box to stop popping up when I start up Thunderbird. Like I said, everything seems to work except I can't get this box to stop appearing. Anyone have any ideas, or a procedure with what they did to get it working? I linked to an image of the dialog box below: Thanks for the help.
  8. You could go to the Folders area (4th icon from the left at the top of the Webmail screen), check the checkbox next to the Held Mail folder, and then select "Empty Folder(s)" from the dropdown. This is what I use, and it works much faster. -JEV
  9. One thing you might want to consider is dropping the catch-all account delivery. Yes, it does make life a little more difficult by having to add forwarding every time you create a new address (I like to try to use unique addresses for companies, so I can tell when my address gets harvested/sold), but it should cut down dramatically on domain blasts by spammers. I used to have a catch-all, but ended up dropping it because the volume was getting to be just too much -- and I still get a few hundred mail messaegs a day, mostly spam. :/ (Thank goodness for that Spamcop filtered mail account. ) One other thing you might consider is to send what proof you have to Yahoo! to see if they can check into what is going on. Most likely nothing will happen, even if they're interested (who knows where the skimming might be taking place?), but it mgiht at least make you feel better. -JEV
  10. No. This was part of another discussion that got split out into this one.
  11. This is also exactly what I do. Man, I love that feature.
  12. I have problems from work, but I'm guessing that it's a problem with the systems out of my work, rather than a problem with Spamcop since I have no problems from home. What happens is this: - I click on my bookmark to open the site in Firefox. - I get that I'm a guest and my login information is filled in for me to click login. - I click the login buton, and get the splash page telling me that I'm now logged in as JEV. Here's where it gets a bit weird... - Sometimes, I find myself back in the guest mode, with my login information filled out for me to click login. - Sometimes I find myself logged in. - If/when I get logged in, I click on the new posts link to find all activity since I was last on. - Sometimes I get the search results page, and sometimes I end up back at the guest mode page with my information filled in to log in. It's very odd. Generally I try a few times, but if I can't get in I just either try again the next day, or try from home that night. I've never been able to figure out what was going on, but thought I'd post something as another data point (though I'm all but certain that it is caused by something at my end, and not a SpamCop issue). The really weird thing is that it only happens with the SpamCop forums, never any other... -JEV
  13. Another thing to remember is that you don't have to use your ISP for mail. I supposedly have a mail account with my broadband provider, but have never used it. I use other mail providers for my mail instead. I just wanted to bring this up because I see people saying that they live out of the way, there's only one provider to connect to the internet, what are they supposed to do? So just wanted to put it in as a reminder. -JEV
  14. We'll have to get the straight scoop from the OP, but it sounded to me like they were asking for a way to make it so that messages that were whitelisted showed up in the Inbox looking like: Subject: Hi son! rather than: Subject: spam: Hi son! Of course, I could be wrong. -JEV
  15. Eh, like I said, it was a busy day. (And right before vacation -- just got back! ) Normally I'm a bit better on the spell checking though... Add another thanks for the spelling correction. -JEV
  16. Looks like the IP was The tracking URL looks to be http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z673911137zd1...971da3351078d6z. Sorry for the lag in response (it's been a busy day) and not including that info in the first place (no real excuse for that ). -JEV
  17. Just got the following from a report I sent out. Supposedly, the ticket was open for only about 1.25 hours before resolution. It's nice getting these. Not only a response on what happened, but how they cleaned up, and an actual thanks on helping to point out the problem. If this is genuine (and I have no reason to suspect otherwise, I wish more companies were like this. -JEV
  18. There's gotta be a way to force them! Through technology, all things are possible! (Yeah, then we'd get irate posters saying how horrible we are that they just want to post a simple question, and have to be forced to see humor. ) -JEV
  19. I'm just wondering why this is. What functionality does teh VER page provide that the other one doesn't? I'm really curious on this, since I haven't looked at VER in about 8+ months, and am wondering what I'm missing.
  20. Well, if that's the case, then everything might be working correctly. Since this is exactly what I'm seeing. Any way of telling which will show more technical data than others? I'm curious because I'm still not 100% sure that things are all set up correctly on my end, and that woudl clinch it. Thanks.
  21. I'm probably thinking of things wrong again, then. Any address at my domain should be using the same MailHost, but I get the two different types of output, depending on whether the spam went to the address listed or not. Which doesn't seem to me to mesh with what you listed above. So I'm going to guess that I'm actualyl doing something wrong. Any ideas on how I can correct it?
  22. I know I see something similar in my setup. I use tons of addresses on my domain (basically, creating mail addresses based on company name, or other things, so that I can tell when people sell my address -- though I set my catchall to /dev/null to avoid dictionary attacks). When I set up the mailhosts, it only wanted to do one address per route, and seemed to overwrite if I tried adding more. So if the address is the one that the mailhosts is set up for, the output is much more verbose than if it is an address that it is not set up for. Very weird...
  23. Very nicely written Rob. Thanks for responding so the OP could get info from a fellow UK businessman.
  24. Those two statements don't really seem to work together. First, you're saying that if the people's mail gets into the Held Mail folder, then you would liek to have a c/r sent to them, but then you ask if c/r messages can be triggered by just those messages that are not flagged as spam. If a message is in the Held mail folder, it is because it is flagged as spam. So feel free to just pretend that it is working that way today. (And as a side note, I long for hte days that I just have 50 messages float to my held mail folder per day. Last time I went through it was about 8 hours ago, and I'm well over that count already. And it's a weekend. )
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