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  1. Hi We have for the past number of days been on the IP blacklist for address This is our firewall external address which also re-directs e--mails in and out. In to our mail server, out to whomever... ISP is Clara.net. I am currently trying to ascertain the possible cause of the spam supposedly coming from us but in the meantime could someone explain the following to me. This morning (GMT) on checking our status the message said the following You will be de-listed in 7 hours Listed History in the past 6.7 days, it has been listed 4 times for a total of 3.5 days Now it reports (nearly 7 hours later) You will be de-listedin 22 hours Listed History in the past 7 days it has been listed 4 times for a total of 3.8 days How is it we have rather than being de-listed been put back on for another 24 hours when the number of spam (4) has not changed? Any help would be gratefully recived plus any other guidance with regard to getting us of this list. Thanx Craig :angry:
  2. OK Thanks for that, I will liase with the deputies. On my original question does the "listed 4 times" mean per day or frand total? I have checked psbl and we are on but only recently. Looking at the evidence another 4 spam have hit it. One question I have is in the Recd header it shows Received: from [] (helo=mail.froudeconsine.co.uk) whereas our firewall replies with helo=netpilot.froudehofmann.com would that suggest the spam is not comiong from the frewall itself but maybe generated elsewhere on our network. For the record froudeconsine is our old domain froudehofmann the new but the MX record for still says mail.froudeconsine.co.uk Thanks in advance Craig