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  1. turetzsr, thank you for your reply. I am already using complainterator (yes, I am that gullible) and certainly have used it to complain about the spamvertised site in question and it's nameservers. However my train of thought was that a SpamCop report would carry more weight than a complaint about a spamvertized site issued by some anonymous, single non-customer of that company. On the other hand, I can see how, as a secondary item of interest, the reporting of the spamvertized site is nowhere as vital to maintaining a reliable SpamCopDNSBL than tracing the origin of spam - despite this being tedious work due to the nature of limitless stupidity. Still, I would like to see the parser be able to handle this sort of obsucation. Maybe one day...
  2. Hello. This might be relevant here or elsewhere, I apologize if this is the wrong place. I have just received a spam mail where the spammer uses an anti-spambot tactic. Quite interesting, this results in the spamcop parser being unable to find the link for the spammed site. The spam looked like this (URL obviously changed by me): Blah, blah, penile enhancement, etc. Please visit our site for more details. Type the URL below without spaces to visit us h t t p : / / s p a m s i t e . c o m / Now you could say that this is pretty dumb because the victim would have to work to be baited. I agree. Nonetheless, this annoys me. Wouldn't it be possible to add a line or two to the parsing engine, so that when it finds h t t p : / / it knows how to skip the blanks and find the URL this way? Just a thought. ernstl
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