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  1. Spamnophobic, you've set me on the right track. Outllook 2007 does indeed have profiles as you described. However before I set them up, I thought I'd seen something similar. I set up all email accounts, both spamcop and the others in the normal way in outlook using the smtp and pop settings for each unique account. Then select Tools > Send/Receive > Send/Receive Settings > Define Send/Receive Groups. The default group is called All Accounts and it sends and receives from all email accounts. Set up another group for receive only, deselecting the ticked 'send mail', and add spamcop account to it so it receives only. Go through all the other accounts in the 'All Accounts' and untick the 'receive mail' for them. So you have one group to send mail, and another to receive mail just as described with profiles only this is within Outlook. I'll monitor it for the next few days but that would appear to be it.
  2. Yes, what I meant was in SpamCop I POP the email accounts to get the email in. Then From Outlook I POP SpamCop to get the incoming mail. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I think that's the above misunderstanding Outlook does not have Identities (this isn't OE) and as it does not appear to let you set up an email account that is SMTP only or POP only you cannot set up a SpamCop account as a POP only with the other accounts as SMTP only (which was my logical thought)> This is Microsoft after all! Setting up multiple accounts is no problem at all, but they must have both POP and SMTP.
  3. I have half a dozen different accounts that I wish to go through spamcop email system and back out again to outlook 2007. I need to be able to send email from these accounts so I am trying to pop them in and out of spamcop. Outlook does not appear to permit an account to be set up with only smtp or pop. It has to be both. I have set up my gmail account to forward to spamcop. All others are to be popped in and out of spamcop. I have set up accounta and accountb (both web service accounts rather than ISPs) at spamcop to pop into spamcop. Test emails sent to both addresses appear on the server. The I set both accounts to pop spamcop (with config below). Half an hour after this the test emails vanish from the SpamCop server but have not appeared in my inbox. I can send an email to my gmail account and it appears in my inbox, but nothing from my gmail account appears. Account configuration On Outlook the config is: email address : myname[at]service.com incoming mail: pop.spamcop.net outgoing : smtp.service.com logon info: user name : myname[at]spamcop.net password : spamcop password Then, under more settings I have Outgoing SMTP requires authorisation logon: myname[at]service.com password: service password I would be very pleased if anyone could make sense of this as I am losing the plot somewhat. Many thanks
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