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  1. Thank you Farelf, I should have searched a bit more. You definitely led me to the answer(s). Thanks again p.s. Spamcop should edit the FAQ to read only "pop.spamcop.net", to avoid this confusion for newbies. Dave
  2. Hello, I've used spamcop reporting for years, but I'm just about to set up filtering through spamcop from my existing ISP address. I understand what I've read so far on the basics of forwarding my existing ISP email to spamcop, then using POP to retrieve the mail from spamcop into my Windows Mail; however, I'm confused because the FAQ lists two different POP server names in the same article, so which is it? Check this page: http://mail.spamcop.net/setup/setup_pop2.php (All FAQs on this subject point to this same page.) - In paragraph 1, it states "If you already know how to set this up, the POP server is "mail.spamcop.net". Just use that with your username and password that you login to webmail with and you should be able to POP your mail." - In paragraph 4 of the same FAQ, it states "The POP server name is pop.spamcop.net." ?? Are these both valid? Interchangeable? What am I missing? I can't be the only one confused by this. Thanks in advance DB
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