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  1. I attached HTML docs of 3-7kb in size. Scripting wasn't an issue. After creating a case via the interface for entering mail, I waited weeks with 2 insubstantial responses. I post here, and I got a good reply in hours. (THANK YOU TREVOR) So I'll see your "first and only complaint" with a raise you with a "waited for weeks to find out why my attachments are gone" and "all my invoices were GONE". That's not quite a royal flush of righeous indignation. I'll call it a full house. Regardless, I still recommend spamcop. Thanks all.
  2. A few notes. 1) Mystery revealed When I went on the road, I started using the web client. The web client has two nifty features. The first option is Save a copy in "sent-mail". This is up top, and I always make sure it's set to Yes. The second option is Save Attachments with message in sent-mail folder?. This is the demon *feature* plaguing my life. 2) Option to delete attachments Follow this path after you've logged in: Options/ General Options/ Login Tasks Here you find options to delete attachments. 3) When is Saving a copy not saving a copy You must elect to save a copy of your sent mail *AND* you must elect to save the attachments as well. In Options/ Message Composition, look for the following option: When saving sent-mail, should we save attachment data? Turn this to Always save attachments. ... And press the save options button. So when I changed to using the web client, I got a kinda copy of my e-mails saved off. This feature was lost on me. So I appear to have been in the wrong.
  3. I'm traveling, and for the duration, I'm using Spamcop to store my e-mail. This isn't tough. I connect using Thunderbird (w/ IMAP) and the web-mail interface. I had to review all my e-mails with attachments, invoices specifically. When I reviewed my stored e-mail, I found almost every attachment had been replaced with a text file containing "attachment stripped". A review of my spamcop options showed I had not elected to delete attachments. Using the interface from webmail, I submitted a ticket. (actually 3 -- my bad) The responses have not addressed the issue. 1) check your options Did. I didn't choose to delete my attachments. 2) Check your client's options Did. There isn't an option to delete server side attachments. And frankly, I know of no e-mail client that would do this. Is this Spamcop's means of managing disk usage? Are other customers OK with this? (because I am not) Any clarification anyone can bring would be appreciated.
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