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  1. I don't care about the webmail access, POP3 or SMTP. But from what I can tell, this system will have no way to examine the quarantine because there won't be one. So, it looks like there will be no way to look for false positives. No way to whitelist senders. No way to examine and report held mail. It will just be a simple forwarding service that can't be controlled. All of those are basic functions of a spam filtering service. Basically, there is very little value left in the proposition of offer. And really I would expect a much longer notice period for a change of this type.
  2. The reward is that BizSummits charges $1250 a year to people who sign up, and they do seem to get sign-ups.
  3. Hi all, If you are interested, I've tracked down who is probably sending the spam and why (written up here). You'll notice that the spam passes the SPF test for a named server which indicates that spoofing is not taking place, therefore whoever owns the domains is responsible for the spam. But in most cases if you look at the WHOIS details then they don't say very much. However, a look at historical WHOIS details show either "Biz Summits" (aka BizSummits) or "Michael Price" plus a domain mobilesoft.com which is associated with a business caled MobileBriefs, Inc (which also links to Michael Price"). Michael Price runs BizSummits through a firm called CEOVentures (see his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/michaelprice1). Quite how involved he is in the spamming is uncertain. Technically, I think what is happening here is that BizSummits are probing mail servers for valid email address formats. For example, they scraped from my website the names "Tony Blair" and "Victor Echo" and attempted to email tony[at] and vecho[at] respectively. Once they have established the email address format then they will probably send more spam to names scraped from the target organisation. I won't tell you my opinion of BizSummits here!
  4. I have the same.. content is repeated 3 times. Originating IP is Subject: UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT / SPAMCOP.NET From: "Admin[at]spamcop.net" <pjf2442[at]adelphia.net> Date: Wed, September 10, 2008 4:54 pm Cc: recipient list not shown:; Priority: Normal This is a WebNews Email Account Update Please see the bottom of this mailing on this information. ----------------------------------------------------------- SPAMCOP.NET WEBMAIL INTERNET SERVICE WEBSITE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT WE HAVE SOME PROBLEMS ABOUT EACH CUSTOMER ACCOUNT EMAIL. DUE TO ERROR CODE 334409. WE DISCOVERD THAT IN FEW DAYS FROM NOW EACH CUSTOMER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS HIS OR HER EMAIL ACCOUNT. IN THAT REGARD,YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD FOR A NEW ACCOUNT UPDATE. YOU ARE ADVISED TO IMMEDIATELY SEND US THE REQUIRED INFORMATION SO AS TO ENABLE US IMMEDIATELY UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Note:You have to understand that the reason why we are not sending this message from our own private account.This is due to some technical problem we are having right now. BELOW THE INFORMATION RQRUIRED FOR ACCOUT UPDATE 1)Full Email Address: 2)password: 3)date of birth: Thanks for your understanding. SPAMCOP.NET WEBMAIL INTERNET SERVICE Reply-to is 2020sarah[at]live.com
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