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  1. I am also using the same combination of WLM [ver. 2012 (Build 16.4.3528.0331)] on a PC running Win7 SP1 (x86). I typically have no problems after submitting messages to SpamCop using the 'Forward as attachment' option. But every once in a while I do encounter a spam message that produces a result similar to what you described. The majority of them have turned out to be issues with the spammer's procedures, that results in a mangled/non-standard message header. If that is also what is happening in your situation, it is not the fault of your email client or OS, and you have no control over the situation; unless you can identify something common about those spam messages, and just not submit (skip) them. [AFAIK, 'fixing' the mangled headers before submitting would violate SC rules in most cases. But I have seen a few exceptions noted in this forum, given a 'pass' by the SC Admin, Don.] Good luck isolating or solving your specific issue(s)
  2. The SpamCop mail service, newgroups and forums are not afftected....
  3. That's not the case out here, where it has not gotten back to even 'slow' yet. In fact, the situation has gone to FUBAR within the last hour.
  4. That is one of several symptoms related to an intermittent issue, already being discussed in this section for the last several days, under the topic 'Reporting problems today?' Did you try scanning through (or read) any of the existing topics in this section? Or read any of the Announcements, or the pinned Important Topics, before creating a new topic?
  5. Latest result: "Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.4cf4c541.1341205373.1abfbc1e" ... and prior to that, after many different attempts, all the other failure/error messages other users have reported here. Basically, I have not been able to complete the reports of anything submitted after early-morning on June 29th. But then I went back to the other tab to try again just before posting this message, and a few of those earliest submissions came up to report, after about a 3 minute wait from the time the 'Report Now' link was clicked upon. However, those submissions were now more than 48 hours old, and invalid. I was then able to complete the remaining backlogged sumissions, and they seemed to come up a bit quicker, and were completed without further incident. And finally, I submitted a few more newer spam messages, and they still seem to be taking much longer to process and reach the reportable state (compared to when SpamCop was operating "normally"). So whatever the cause of the 'problem' is, it still seems to come and go at random times.
  6. That situation is usually seen when the spam originated from another user of the same provider your email account is associated with. The message never passes through the Internet in those cases, it stays within the provider's own internal network.
  7. It's truly unfortuante that you can't refrain from sniping at a particular individual in an open forum. Unfortuantely, it seems childish, petty and very unprofessional to others who might read the posts.
  8. Well, even if the following message was not already posted on the spamcop.net reporting site: ... the first and third sentences in the phishing message you received are not even logical, and don't make any sense. By the way, the report link you gave requires a user name and password. Do you have the Tracking URL instead?
  9. Have you tried forwarding the spam from your NetZero account to spamcop? It's much easier and quicker than copying and pasting, and should eliminate the cause of the problem. I have both a Juno and a NetZero email account (both are United Online services), and using their webmail access, report any spam received on those addresses by the forward as an attachment method. You have to pre-set that in the Sending section, under the Messages part of Options (on NetZero). It also requires Mailhost settings in spamcop.
  10. I'm getting exactly the same thing now. Sometimes it works normally after the suggested reload, sometimes I get the same error message the second time as well. It is now many hours after the initial posting, is anything being done? Or, is there a 'fix' in the works?
  11. There were two more words that were spelled right, but were the wrong word: "But hay if it lets them wash me from their list..." Hay = animal feed Hey = an interjection "Maybe they were board..." Board = a piece of lumber Bored = not interested in something or having nothing to do
  12. "For pennies on the dollar" = Buy (or sell) at a low relative price vs. the original cost or worth. It might be a phrase used only in the US.
  13. It seems to be coming back now, I think. I was able to get one more report submitted, but then it went back to the blank page when trying to submit the next one. The pages aren't actually completely blank. There is the typical bold 'spamcop.net' header/link on the top left, except twice, and the Help, Site Map and Text size adjustment links in the top right corner. Some of the time the error message "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" appears just below those links. Still wonky [at] 17:07 PST
  14. It appears that the SC reporting system (http://www.spamcop.net/) is either down, or experiencing some sort of technical problems for about the last 10+ minutes. I had forwarded 7 spam messages from one of my email accounts earlier, then arrived at the SC site to submit them. Between #s 2 and 3 I started seeing server error messages, and eventually no response at all. Now I am getting to the first screen showing I have unreported spam saved, but am not able to get beyond that without seeing blank or odd looking views. Anyone else seeing this?
  15. Unless I misunderstood your inquiry, that information can be found at: http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopBlockingList or http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html
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