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  1. Hi D! Thanks for your reply. Thanks also for the reference to the other post, you have a lot of interesting ideas there and it appears I can use some of those ideas to make my experience with SpamCop better. I partly agree with you that it is a not SpamCop issue, per se, but people I have been redirecting to from SpamCop who use OE, they are the ones having a problem. So, while it is not entirely a SpamCop issue and appears to be a problem with the way OE manages multipart messages with inline or base64 encoded attachments, the problem still remains that people who use OE receive a mess out of SpamCop. It appears that the redirection function in SpamCop automatically selects inline and there is no option not to go with inline both on the message part and the attachment part. It looks like we do have this option for attachments in the forward e-mail function, just not with redirect. In the SpamCop help it also warns that when using the attachments feature (presumably for the forward), one should not select inline if the recipient's e-mail client can't handle inline, otherwise it will be received as an attachment. In the case of OE that is not correct information, I think. If anything is sent inline to OE, it gets mangled and doesn't come out looking right and has gotten me some complaints from people who I redirected to or forwarded to (with inline instead of attach). Barry
  2. Hello! When I use the redirect function in SpamCop and the message has attachments, well any message really, people receiving the redirect get a somewhat or totally garbled message in Outlook Express, but if I look at the same message in WebMail, it looks fine. A sample message of what we are seeing in Outlook Express is shown below. Does anyone know how to make SpamCop redirect the original message and leave the original message alone rather than convert to inline and base64? Failing this, it appears that Outlook Express just doesn't handle inline messages or base64 encoded attachments well at all, is there a way to fix this? I am hesitant to tell people that they need to fix up their e-mail clients to be able to read the redirect I sent them ... if it is even possible to fix it? Is there something I can set in SpamCop that will force it not to redirect anything as inline or base 64, but redirect in the original format as received? I didn't find anything in the options, but maybe I missed it, just didn't see it. Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give!!! This is what people are seeing below .... Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Disposition: inline Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Bunch of white space ... Message here .... Bunch more white space =20 =20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content-Type: application/ppt; name="test.ppt Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="test.ppt" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 0M8R4KGxGuEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPgADAP7/CQAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ AAAAKQQAAAAAAAAAEAAA/v///wAAAAD+////AAAAACAEAAAhBAAAIgQAACME AAAkBAAAJQQAACYEAAAnBAAAKAQAAP//////////////////////////////
  3. Jeff, Thank you very much for the additional remarks. I tried all of what you said and I was able to setup my Outlook client with IMAP and it works just as you said it would. I can easily view headers in my Outlook held mail folder and drag and drop those as needed so that only spam is left in the held mail folder. It is quite easy to do it that way. I can also apply my Outlook mail processing rules with that approach and tha helps me to do a quick sort operation. Afterward, I can go into the spamcop webmail, hit the select all checkbox and click on the report as spam link, and all the spams are effortlessly reported and moved automatically to the deleted folder. Later I get the summary report for all the spams I reported at once. It really could not be much more effortless than that. The other approach I was speaking about earlier, that one actually works too, but it only works with Outlook Express. The same approach doesn't work with Outlook. Because I use both e-mail clients daily, I have to deal with piles of spam in both. For the Outlook Express, if I do forward the offending--and I emphasize the **OFFENDING** part-- spam as an attachment to that e-mail address you recommended in your first reply, a little time goes by, not long, and I get an e-mail in my spamcop.net inbox that has the subject line "SpamCop Quick Reporting Data." When I open that e-mail it will sometimes say in there "Yum, this spam is fresh!" I LOVE that remark! Progress is good. Near the bottom of the e-mail it will say something like "spam report id axdyfz2tq sent to: abuse[at]spamfoolheadquarters.com." There may be a few lines like that indicating all the addresses where the spam report was sent. It's cool because I can also go and look at the saved reports on the web also, but I need do nothing further on those that I forward as an attachment from Outlook Express. A W E S O M E Free at last, free at last! Kind Regards, Barry
  4. Jeff, Thanks very much for your very fast reply! I found the address you are talking about and I tested it to make sure it works, and it works great. This is now my FAVORITE e-mail address. It's gonna be taped and stored everywhere! Now that you have helped me to understand the correct address to use, the reporting is super easy. All I have to do is forward, and then I never see the spam at all after that, only the notification that spamcop has already reported it to the appropriate ISPs and third parties for me. Cool. Awesome. That is exactly what I was looking for it to do. Thanks, Barry PS. I am glad I signed up for the webmail account, it really is a great design and I like the many features. The system has a lot more features and the responsiveness is about three times faster than my other webmail account. At $30 per year, it's a fantastic value.
  5. Hello! I just activated a new spamcop e-mail account. I hope to help finish off as many spammers as possible. However, I am having a problem with the spam forwarding. In the FAQS it says to forward spam as an attachment to the address provided on the welcome screen. I did not see this address, but thought it was the same as my spamcop.net account. I now know that is not correct. Can you please advise what is the correct e-mail address to use for forwarding attachments? Thank you, BarryC
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