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    What gives?

    Ah, no worries, thanks for the clarification! :-)
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    What gives?

    Folks, I started a thread in 'SpamCop Email System & Accounts' asking some questions around optimizing the settings to minimize the influx of spam I was getting... And the thread vanished - the only thing I could think of would be that I criticized the greylist concept. Beyond that there wasn't anything controversial in what I was saying, it's not exactly controversial discussions here in these forums. I think if you're going to delete an entire thread (or move it) -- you should at least make mention, no? Nor am I getting any response from the moderators on what happened. No?
  3. 0 x-spam-level http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3151436249ze...66d653d82b04a9z 1 x-spam-level http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3151441705za...7a77c11615733dz 2 x-spam-level http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3151445100z1...db96a346236a2bz And just to respond to the second question -- greylisting is, to me, a bandaid solution to a fundamental problem which is the need to adjust the algorithms which seemed previously to properly raise the x-spam-level rating. Why the same string values ('acai berry' 'luxury watches' etc etc etc) get sent over and over and over daily to me over the course of a few weeks, never raising the x-spam-level above 1 or 2 (if even that), is probably something that should be confirmed as impossible to overcome programmatically, clever spammers or not. The greylist solution is clunky because the real-time nature of e-mails are an appeal of the technology and in today's world unfortunately a necessity, making half hour to an hour delays for new senders a very iffy proposition for most people. Consider responses to job postings, or -- more concrete example: every single time my bank's cookie expires, they make me do an e-mail confirmation which sends me an ID code before I am able to log in. Matt
  4. Greetings, Here's a user rant for you, with a plea for remediation on the Spamcop side, or tips on the user side. :-) For the past few weeks both of my Spamcop accounts have been receiving a huge number (10-15 a day in each one) making it through Spamcop's filters, my filters, and into my Inbox instead of Held Mail, leaving myself to gloriously delete them individually. In the years I've had these accounts, I've never spent so much time cleaning my inboxes on a regular basis; second, the Spamassassin levels as reported in the headers are 1-2 stars or below, which is right about the threshold of my non-spam mail as well. Whitelisting everyone I know is not a workable solution, for obvious reasons. The fact that the X-spam-Level is often zero stars, or 1 or 2, coupled with the spams being all the same pretty much (acai berry, online pharmacies and implants, watches, and a few phishing schemes thrown in) makes me wonder what's happening algorithmically on the spam assassin side of the flow. Before I get flamed here are my account settings: * All DNS blacklists enabled except 'Spamhaus PBL' * x-spam-level 5 * I'm not in my whitelist * no forwarding to or from the Spamcop accounts So, what can I do to tighten the screws without missing legit mails (note that checking the Held Mail folder is not possible, it has too many daily entries)? Thanks in advance, Matt