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  1. As I understand, djporter's problem is that no mail from a single certain sender reaches his inbox. Not that it is important, but I don't believe djporter has mentioned whether he is looking at his inbox with POP, IMAP, or webmail. My problem is that, after a certain date, no mail from ANY source reached my inbox. The inbox is/was always empty. Pop, though connecting properly, never saw any mail. The empty inbox was confirmed by stopping daemon popping and by looking at the (always empty) inbox via webmail.
  2. Did you read my thread referenced above? I was able to stop my mail from disappearing by forwarding from spamcop. Sadly, none of my ~2 weeks worth of missing mail has been recovered. Edited by Steve T (user turetzsr) to end quote in the correct place and remove white space.
  3. I too fail to see how my ISP could possibly be involved in my spamcop problem. I regret that I have recommended spamcop in the past. Fortunately, I don't believe anyone followed my recommendations. I haven't researched alternatives to gmail. When spamcop failed me, I needed an alternative right then and I had some experience with gmail; I had been using gmail webmail for people that were likely to send me objectionable attachments. So, might there be a better alternative out there? I didn't object to paying spamcop and don't object to paying in the future. But, I want my mail to work. I did get some valuable support on a gmail forum on how to get POP to work with gmail. BTW, I sent my last message to support at spamcop Jan 4 and have received nothing since. With this type of mail problem, I wonder if similar things might be happening in the spam reporting area.
  4. I started this thread to see if my problem was common. And, if so, get some attention from adminspamcop. So, it appears I am the only one suffering. Or, maybe few spamcop subscribers check the forums. Since my mail quit working suddenly and my configuration was long term stable, I don't see how the problem can possibly be on my end. Thanks to suggestions here, I've gotten some improvement (current mail forwarded). However, since I have no interest in continuing to use spamcop, I have no personal interest in trying to identify the problem. The whole thing is sad since I've used spamcop for so long; it has given me "warm fuzzies" and made feel as if I were contributing to the spam battle. However, unreliable mail with zero suport is just insufferable. Thanks to you both!
  5. , Greylisting is a "bad thing"?. I thought it was a "good thing" <tm>. I've been using it for quite a while. It does slow delivery from strangers but many spammers will not re-send. Right now, I've got one message pending and 11 that were blocked in the last 72 hours. All the blocked ones look like spam. Three of the blocked ones are supposedly from my spamcop address with three different IPs. I do have quite a long blacklist. None of the blacklist, whitelist, or greylist parameters have been changed in months. I regret loosing the spamcop filtering. Gmail seems ok but I imagine spamcop is better. Legitimate mail addressed to my spamcop address is beginning to trickle in via the forward. Sure wish I could get all my missing mail.
  6. Sounds like you're in the microsoft world. I don't believe my symptoms indicate something going wrong on my end. FWIW: I have been running an all Linux LAN for nearly 20 years and have never had any symptoms I could attribute to viruii, worms, or intrusions. I have only two users but leave 10-15 boxes running around the clock. Current firewall is the DD-WRT running in the router that is between my LAN and my ISP. I have had my hosted website hacked a couple of times, but I do not run internet accessible services on my LAN. Thanks for your comments.
  7. I: 1) set spamcop to forward to my new gmai address which is popped every few minutes and is my spamcop replacement 2) sent a test message from my older gmail account to my spamcop address Much to my surprise, the message was popped from my new gmail account! Header indicated spamcop had handled it. To: field was the spamcop address so the "forward" was a "bounce" in mutt-speak. I sure wish I had known to do this early on, before so much of my mail had been lost. My spamcop subscription will expire in a few months. Of course I will not be renewing. Before that expiration, I am faced with the almost hopeless task of notifing everyone that has been using my spamcop address (for ~15 years) of my new gmail address. I am just astonished at the lack of support from spamcop. I am unaware of the political/personel situation at spamcop. Early person (JT?) has left?
  8. Good suggestions, thanks! The forwarding address field is empty. If I don't hear anything from support at spamcop soon, I'll try forwarding to one of my gmail addresses. That's not likely to recover missing mail, though. In the absence of any indication of external interference, I don't want to complicate things by changing my password.
  9. I came to spamcop ten (or fifteen) years ago when I had a poor experience with ISP provided mail. Since then, I've been through 5 or 6 ISPs and mail has flowed un-interrupted through spamcop. I have not used ISP provided mail since. I have used spamcop to pop mail from at least two hosting services. That has worked well and been trouble-free. I'm not sure why you (and admin at spamcop dot net) have failed to understand my description of the problem. I'll try again: !) mail stopped flowing into my spamcop inbox 2) the source of the missing mail was both popped from an external server AND addressed directly to my spamcop address 3) after the first few days of interruption, I stopped spamcop from popping from an external server and started getting that mail more directly. The external server mail spamcop popped remains misssing. 4) Nearly two weeks worth of mail has disappeared; I know not where. The mail includes many test messages addressed directly to my spamcop address. Since I can not intercept that mail before it reaches spamcop, mail continues to disappear. In response to your suggestion: "just use your SpamCop email address", see 1) above. I have had no mail through spamcop in nearly two weeks. Thanks for your response. BTW, the beginning of my mail disruption coincided with a reported known spamcop IMAP problem. Though I haven't used IMAP.
  10. During the evening of 12/28/2011, the flow of mail through my spamcop address abruptly stopped. Both mail addressed directly to spamcop and mail popped by spamcop from another server failed to appear in my spamcop inbox. Spamcop continued to pop mail from the other server but that mail disappeared. spam continued to show up in my spamcop heldmail. I reported the problem via the spamcop webmail "problem" button, but got no response. This is likely because the "from" address was my dead spamcop address. After searching for a communication path, I sent a message to admin at spamcop dot net. I then started a very un-productive dialog on "case 46785" through my gmail account. Meanwhile, I was able to get a second gmail account set up and functioning the way my spamcop account used to function. I successfully stopped spamcop from popping mail from the other server and started popping it myself. I changed mail list subscriptions, eBay, and PayPal over to the second gmail account. And got back to semi-normalcy. Since 12/28/2011, approaching two weeks ago, my spamcop situation has been static: Mail addressed to my spamcop address disappears; nothing is popped (though I quit attempting pops a few days after the problem was evident); nothing appears in my spamcop webmail inbox. Some unknown number of messages remain in spamcop limbo. Anyone else? This is most frustrating. I have been a spamcop subscriber for ten, maybe fifteen, years and have had no such trouble in the past.
  11. HOT DAMN! Got my first feedblitz message hung up in my held mail! Life is good.
  12. Thanks for the prompt and very informative responses! I don't know where I got the idea that wildcards ("*") were appropriate, but I removed them and expect success. The whitelist and blacklist do seem to influence the mail which I POP. The use of webmail to control "real" mail does seem rather odd.
  13. For a spam header including: --- Reply-To: The Packer Daily <daily[at]thepacker.com> Sender: FeedBlitz <feedblitz[at]mail.feedblitz.com> Return-Path: 20080891_583023_2513453_fbz[at]mail.feedblitz.com --- I would expect a blacklist containing: --- *feedblitz.com --- to cause the spam to be spent to "held mail". But, that is not happening. Help? My blacklist also contains *mail.feedblitz.com and *thepacker.com My whitelist contains nothing matching the above.
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