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    problem adding yahoo

    Thanks for the reply don. What you are saying is that i dont need to add the [at]yahoo.com or [at]yahoo.co.uk addresses or any of my own (web hosted) accounts as they all go through the same host. Good to know
  2. buggerlugs

    problem adding yahoo

    theres no need for thinly disguised sarcasm, I did search and sisnt see anything relevent. regarding my second question, why havent these other accounts appeared on the mailhosts page?
  3. buggerlugs

    problem adding yahoo

    also another question, I have many email addresses (a few of which are forwarders) on different domains i own. They all get sent through the same server via my hosting package - do they all need registering? I only ask because ive added around 4 addresses to the list, they were all sucessful but none of them are listed on the mailhosts page - just the first one i added and then the yahoo one.
  4. Hi I already set up a yahoo account which ends in ymail.com I have two other account [at]yahoo.com and [at]yahoo.co.uk These mails get forwarded to the [at]ymail account I tried to add my [at]yahoo.com address but got "Confirmation codes do not match" errors. The actual error given was; Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Confirmation codes do not match: From recipient address: ---removed for forum--- From header: Received:From:To:Subject:Precedence:Message-ID:Date:X-Mailer; From body: ---removed for forum--- The From recipient address and From Body codes were identical What am I doing wrong here? I tried all the different options - pasting into a new mail, sending as an attachment and using the form on the spamcop site.
  5. Hi Many thanks for the info, I'll chose to ignore it rather than waste time with the guy
  6. I happily report all the junk mail I get but today I kinda had some type of response, which came as a mail from the "spammer" via spamcop (I think) and I'm wondering if I am supposed to respond to it as I've never seen it before. Way down in the mail I see my original report and then I can see in the mail that the spammer has written the following; Hello SpamCop user, My IP Address is not spam host. It's mail server for e-mail marketing activity Please don't add my IP in spam list. Best Regards Kachornsak Puttisawatdikul and at the top is the following; [ INSERT DETAILS ABOUT BASIS FOR DISPUTE HERE ] Am I supposed to write something here? The mail seems to have come from the spammers email address, not a spamcop address