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    Error with Spamcop email servers?

    I've got lots of mails since yesterday, but now I continue to receive some messsages sent to me on 7th March, so I guess all is not completely resolved and I'm still missing some mails, but of course impossible to estimate real %.
  2. Hello, Could it be in relation with this (post from 2008 !) : http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9697 http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7247 or Horde bug : http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/11197 This last one seems to be corrected now. So it was not a specific Spamcop bug but Horde's one, so perhaps we have to wait that Cesmail upgrades Horde version ? Edit : patch has been applied in Horde git, but the last stable version is one month earlier, so I guess we have to wait a little before having the correction : http://www.horde.org/download/horde Thanks for your help !
  3. I accept cookies... Some of the filter rules work very well, even with "or" option and many target fields : To / Subject / From / Cc / Bcc / Reply-to : there are OK, message is well filtered in spamcop webmail. But : Participant / Destination / Source : even if the received message matches the rule, it is not filtered. I do not know how to be more explicit : it's not the "filter" function which does not work for me in Spamcop webmail, only these 3 specific rules.
  4. Yes, my problem is with the webmail. I use Spamcop and redirect / download mails from about 20 different addresses to it, both professional, personal, for Internet activities (shopping, forums...). spam filtering (with whitelist / blacklist / Spamassassin) work perfectly both for webmail and Thunderbird, that's right. Address book, I can import TB one to Spamcop, so no problem. I use Thunderbird with Imap on 2 computers (home PC and work laptop) + K9 mail on my smartphone. So all computers are always synchronized to Spamcop imap and update. I configured lots of filters in Thunderbird, with many folders, sub-folders, many identities (ie my different mails) on the same account, it's very good. So when I use Thunderbird, all my mails are well filtered and put in the right folders, and so there are automatically also filtered in Spamcop : if I go to the webmail, I've the same. But my problem is when I do not have access to one of my computers and have to connect to the webmail on another one : here all the new mails (I receive lots per day, with the mailing lists...) go to Inbox and it's hard to read, sometimes an important one is missed. I understood I could not import my Thunderbird filters directly to Spamcop, so I decided to re-create them manually. And here is my problem : the Participant, Destination, Source rules seem to not work, and I have to create for EACH target up to 5 rules (instead 1) to get the right result. So my question : is there a bug in Spamcop filtering with Participant, Destination, Source, or is there something I do not understand / configure correctly ?
  5. OK, I received a very short and disappointing answer from Spamcop support, he did not seem to understand my question : I had put this image as example This filter "Lg Libres" works well like that, just I'd like to have only 1 row with "Participant" for each citeria, but in this case it does not filter any mail matching the rule, mail stays in Inbox... My screenshot was to show that I had to put 1 line for "To" and 1 for "Cc" in order to make filter OK. The fact there are many fields with different targets is not the problem, I checked "Any of the following" not "All". So I do not understand : for what is the rule Participant in this case ?? My need : if a mail comes from yyy[at]example.com, or is addressed To xxx[at]example.com, or Cc xxx[at]example.com, or Bcc xxx[at]example.com, or Reply-to zzz[at]example.com then it has to be redirected to folder "Example". In my mind (and it works like that on Thunderbird), it's only the rule : If Participant contains example.com then redirect to Example folder But it does not work, to achieve this I have to put 5 lines (!) : If From contains example.com then redirect to Example folder If To contains example.com then redirect to Example folder If Cc contains example.com then redirect to Example folder If Bcc contains example.com then redirect to Example folder If Reply-to contains example.com then redirect to Example folder So what are Participant, Destination and Source rules ? Or there is a bug... [edit] IMG tag changed to link.
  6. Thanks, I've just sent an email to Cesmail support, I will complete the thread if I get some explanations and corrections.
  7. Hello, I have a little problem with my filter rules : As I have many mail addresses forwarded to Spamcop - for personal, professional mails, lists, bug reports... - I created lots of folder and filters to order them automatically. And I like some global rules : for example, all mail adressed to, in Cc, in Bcc, or from a specific domain (example.com) should be redirected to folder Example. So all my mails from me[at]example.com or those I receive from others[at]exmple.com must be forwarded to the Example folder. For that I use in the filter rules the line Participants (from, to, etc). But there is a problem : Participant (from, to, etc) does not work, nor Destination or Source options. Mails matching the rule keep in Inbox and are not filtered. If I only put "To" or "Cc" or "From" it works, filter is applied ; but it makes me 4 times more to create a filter : I have to add a line for each one instead of just 1 : To, Cc, Bcc, From, or Reply-to Is it normal, is there a bug, something to do to correct that behavior ? Also, I use Spamcop webmail but more often Spamcop account with Thunderbird in imap. Works perfectly. Just, is it possible to import directly Thunderbird filters to Spamcop ? As I modify them before in Thunderbird (and here the "From, To, Cc, Bcc or Reply-to works great), instead of having to modify TB filters, then Spamcop ones on the site again ? If I only have Thunderbird filters up to date, when I log to Spamcop webmail, of course all mails are not filtered. Thanks for your help. Xavier
  8. Valeryan_24

    ThunderBird 3 and SpamCop

    An update version of Habu addon which is compatible with Thundebird 3 and allows to report multiple mails to Spamcop in one time. Of course, this is not the official update and has not been verified by Mozilla, so you can scan it or open xpi file with a zip manager to study the code, to be sure it is safe. It's working for me with TB3 on Ubuntu.
  9. Valeryan_24

    ThunderBird 3 and SpamCop

    Hello, A developer made an update for TB3 of Habu extension which allows to report all mails marked as junk to Spamcop, Knujon, FTC, FDA, SEC and ACMA in a same time. https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/thunderbird/addon/2672 The link is on bottom of the page, in the reviews : http://www.shroomery.org/ythan/habu- It works for me on Thundebird 3, both normal and quick report for Spamcop.