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  1. Problem solved!!!! Believe this or not. bl.spamcop.net could not be resolved. I cannot explain why or how, but after a change to some dns settings it now works fine. I'm down to like no more than 6 or so connections now. Happy days. Thanks to everyone that tried to help.
  2. When you add a connection filtering rule for example bl.spamcop.net you are asked for :- 1. Display name (in this case spam cop) 2. DNS suffix of provider (in this case bl.spamcop.net) This is where it gets difficult to explain unless you are familiar with Microsoft Exchange. When I described hundreds of connections I didn't mention that there is nothing in the Queues, meaning that I am sure that the server is not Open Relay. Hundreds of connections means just that. There are hundreds of connections. If you had a mail server that is getting exploited and there are hundreds of known spamming ip's connected to it, then you would see hundreds of connections. Incoming. And just because they are connected does not mean that they will be sending mail, it just means they are connected and taking up a limited number of slots and therefore stopping legitimate mail coming in. No change before or after the config changes. Well not noticeable over 'hundreds of connections'
  3. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I followed all the necessary steps to get this working, it's just not working. Is there any form of logging I can do or test to see if it should be working?
  4. Yes I did use the instructions to the best of my knowledge. I don't know what terse means but there is only 2 lines of instructions for MSExchange. How do I verify the process? Do I run logging or something similar? This is more of a, "I have seen so many Exchange servers before, why does this 1 have hundreds of SMTP connections on it."
  5. I have exchange 2003 SP2 servers that I am trying to configure Connection Filtering for. I have read as much as i could here to do so and it still doesn't work, so I am looking for some help please. I have added bl.spamcop.net as a dns suffix of provider I have then configured my Default SMTP virtual server to use connection filtering I then restarted the SMTP service I look in the current sessions of the Default SMTP virtual server and there are hundreds of SMTP connections. I check IP's of these and they are listed in SC, yet they are not being blocked. Am I missing something simple or have something configured wrong for this to not be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated here.
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