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Disclaimer for rudeness

Miss Betsy

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None of the regular volunteer posters intend to be rude or disparaging.

SpamCop has provided the forum so that users may get a variety of expertise and experience from other users to help solve any difficulties or answer any questions. Julian Haight, founder of SpamCop, believed that questions could be solved better from exchanges among users. He also said, "Lurkers and newbies will benefit from seeing what others are saying."

Posters to this forum attempt to help one another in the spirit of community. Our posts are based on our personal experience and expertise. SpamCop does not provide any volunteer training regarding SpamCop policies and systems that are in use. It is regrettable that some people see our attempts to help as rude.

However, a member of the SpamCop staff has said that SpamCop does not condone rude behavior such as some people think is present in user responses. Fortunately, he is also happy to have anyone email him directly at service[at]admin.spamcop.net so that questions may be answered in a professional manner.

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