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Reporting spam

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spamcop.net' post='70200' date='Mar 29 2009, 12:45 AM']

I simply forwarded emails that are spam. I wondered later whether that since I forwarded them without decoding the headers that Spamcop.net might think that the spam I was trying to report came from my own email address rather than looking at the emails I forwarded. Can someone advise me?

I don't use e-mail submission very often, so someone may need to jump in and correct me if I am wrong.

I assume that you are saying that you simply hit "forward" on spam messages and then fill in your SpamCop reporting address as the recipient. This may be a problem; not necessarily because you will be misidentified as the spammer, but because your reports won't be processed. The proper procedure is found at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/166.html, where you can see that the messages must be in attachments (i.e., not in the body). I believe that there are scripts or helpers listed on the FAQ page that may be of help.

When you submit spams in the way you indicated, do you get replies from SpamCop? Typically, SpamCop will write you to say that you have spams ready for review and reporting. If you don't get these messages, then your submissions may be getting tossed on the floor.

-- rick

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You do need to forward by attachment (and there are instructions in the FAQ about how to do that in several different email applications as rconner said). Spamcop does not look at email addresses - only IP addresses.

You do need to be careful that you are not reporting your own IP address. If you are seeing the reports, then you will see whom the reports will be sent to if you click Send. You can use the Mailhost Configuration so that the spamcop parser knows your IP address and does not choose it to send reports to.

I don't know what you mean by 'decoding the headers' The headers must be exactly as you received them. There are no changes allowed. If you forward 'as an attachment' the spamcop parser can 'read' them properly. The purpose of spamcop is to use its software to select the Received line of the source of the spam. It then looks up the abuse addresses of the IP address for the source of the spam, creates an email for you to send to the source abuse desk, and if you agree with its choice, sends the report. You can send many more reports than if you studied each spam, determined the source address, looked up the abuse address, and then sent a report.

Also, it is not a good idea to use an email address as your log-in name on the forum. To change it, you must send a PM (Personal Message) to Wazoo. One way is to find 'Wazoo' in the Members at the top right of the screen and there is an option in the Profile to send a PM.

Helpful tips & guidelines when sending PM for Name Change:

* Use "Name Change: << old name>> | << new name>>" in PM Title.

* Check FIRST to see the name you want isn't already taken here.

o There is a "Members" link at the top of the screen ... hit that, scroll down, and there's a bit 'better' search option where you can plug something in and see if it scores a hit.

* BE PATIENT. Please wait at least 48hrs before reminding the admin.

* TM and | symbols are fun but not easy to use when it comes to logging in.

* You will receive an automated Email informing you when your name has been changed

Miss Betsy

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