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Resolve redirections of URL shrinking / URL redirection services


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From URL Shrinking Website != spam, and suggested to be posted here to not get lost:

The spam is already being processed for links. There will only need to be a couple of extra steps to be able to report the actual spamvertised site instead of just the redirection service.

1. Match the link domain against a list of known shortening domains

2. Optionally, opportunistically check an unknown domain to see if it is a URL shortening service if the domain part is <= 9 characters or so — this will help so that nobody has to manually add domains to the list, but it may add too much overhead or garbage in the lookup table, slowing things down

3. Do a HEAD request and cache the resulting Location header

Unlike the problem of rotating DNS records, shortening service URLs are idempotent, so they really only need to be looked up once. Obviously, of course, this proposed method won’t catch ANY redirect, but it ought to take care of most of the shortening services.

I know that SpamCop does not consider the spamvertised site reporting to be a particularly important or high-priority thing, but I would love to see this nevertheless if attitudes ever changed in this regard. :)

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Admin action: extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4345 (a FAQ entry) and moved to the 'New Feature Request' Forum section.

Feature request:

Please make your reporting tool parse well-known url-shortening/forwarding services (like bit.ly) so we can report abuse to the correct webhoster!

Admin action: Then after moving into the other Forum section, see that the same data was Posted into another existing Topic, so moved this "New Post" into the existing Discussion.

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