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Main log in screen just hangs, can't log in

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Sorry if I'm not following protocol, but trying to search my problem with the right words and not pull up 2004 answers seems very difficult. I just need to know why I can't log in.

Screen just ticks away, and several times I've gotten the offer to renew. Thought I already did that in July, but we've been moving so maybe I hadn't and went ahead and paid the $30 via paypal instant xfer. Still the same hanging issue, culminating with the same 'check your info/click here to renew' page or the 'page not found' screen.

NOTE that I always open a new browser window and type in the webmail.spamcop.net address - not using any remote system or shortcuts, etc.

MANY THANKS for any kind assistance!!

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Hi, boatsafloat!

...Sorry to hear of your problem. Please try reporting it through either http://mail.spamcop.net/contact.php or via e-mail to support[at]spamcop.net. Be patient, though, as it seems the mail admin is quite busy and lost one of the people (or is it the only person?) who had been assisting.

...Good luck!

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