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Romanian snow shoe spammers - having trouble with them!


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I am getting bombarded with at least 2 of those per day that are not caught in my e-mail account's spam filter, and they are always image spam, directing to IP addresses in Romania - and usually now in octal IP addresses.

Problem is that the default reporting addresses point back to an abuse address at a domain which is controlled by the spammer network themselves.

Would it be best to report to their upstreams? I can provide IP addresses and AS numbers if necessary, but those should be pretty known to be IP networks/AS numbers that are totally owned by spammers themselves (either bought out or totally stolen). Usually these are /20 or /21 IP blocks, but are known to go to as much as a /16 or /15, based on the IP addresses involved.

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Long ago I had a similar issue and resorted to a similar approach. I am fortunate to speak that language and eventually got hold of the agency overseeing internet for that entire country ...I haven't had much of an issue with them since. I do get occasional phishing attempts traceable there and an odd spam or two, but not as much as I used to before complaining. I had some heated exchanges with networks admins there, their typical reply was that we (in USA) are a lot worse at sending spam as they are. You can find the original threads here if you search for them.

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As an update - I put in four more reports, but yet to submit...





I put in two more earlier today, but submitted to my own address...



IPs so far identified...

The 93.168.88.x crap is apparently part of the supernetwork from network ID AS48976, not blacklisted anywhere.

Spamhaus has already blacklisted the 95.157.91.x crap from network, network ID AS47968 as a snowshoe spam operation according to http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/sbl.lasso?query=SBL76453

The 188.170.209.x one comes from supernetwork, network ID AS50041, not blacklisted anywhere.

The 188.208.50.x crap comes from supernetwork, network ID AS49436, not blacklisted anywhere.

That 188.229.96.x one comes from supernetwork, network ID AS50068, not blacklisted anywhere either.

I wonder if we should start rejecting anything coming from network IDs AS47968, AS48976, AS49436, AS50041 and AS50068 among others (a few more, and it includes AS50042).

Some of those AS's are very suspicious too IMO.

Another spam from those idiots just came in...


New crap IP from Romania again... - from supernetwork, network ID AS44954

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Add one more Romanian network to add to the idiocy...


New crap IPs...

First one is from the supernetwork, network ID AS50075 - probably a fake network set up just for spamming

Second one is from the supernetwork, network ID AS50319 - yet again another fake network just to use for spam.

Added - another piece of crap from Network ID AS48976


New crap IP of

Note that the forged domain (hibr123picked.com) is from - however, from the same Network ID AS48976, with supernetwork

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Add three more spams, even tho one of these is probably not a Romanian one...


IPs of this first one: and, from network ID AS15884, part of network


IPs of this second one:, from network IDs AS20001, AS33597 and AS46801, part of networks, and (not sure which is the legitimate owner of these addresses, sounds like stolen IP space)., from network IDs AS28045 (), part of networks and, probably another set of stolen IP space.


IPs of this third one: and, AGAIN from network ID AS15884, part of network

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