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Suggestion to improve instructions

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Good on ya for the changes to the mailhost system, including adding the live web page to submit the header and body. Here's a suggestion to help those who use a configuration like mine.

Since I have my own domain, I forward all email (with the exception of my 'secrete' address) coming to my domain to my spamcop account. Then I have SC forward the email back to the 'secret' address, which is the one I POP to get my emails.

I was stumped because I was getting the 'multiple domain' error. I finally had the Mailhost program send the email to my 'secret' address, which didn't get forwarded, but went directly to my inbox.

My understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong!) is that as long as I've registered my 'secret' address, the main address I use at the same domain will work properly.

I appear to be set now. Thanks!



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That should be correct -- make sure to look at all the parses for at least a couple of days or more to make sure that they are correct -- ie. that you are not reporting yourself.

We will have to add something about the multi-addresses at the same domain and the secret address issue -- you found the correct solution. Thanks

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