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Knujon Wants All spam


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Until a few moments ago I was not sure whether Knujon wants only spam with links in the bodies to spamvertized websites, or also spam without those links. So I had asked them about it:


"On my SP reporting page it has the following option to forward the spam to Knujon (unless coldrain.net would not be Knujon):

Re: Forwarded spam (User defined recipient)

[ ] To: nonregistered(at)coldrain.net (Notes)

This I have to check every time I want spam to be forwarded to Knujon. I now understand that I could simply not check the ones I know have no link to spamvertized websites, only checking the ones that do, which are the minority.

Unless Knujon wants all spam. So far I have forwarded all spam to Knujon."


This was Knujon's response:


"We want everything! Thanks."


Clear enough... :D

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