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external POP and large emails

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I'm moderator for a majordomo listserv and sometimes people post to it with emails with large attachments. The listserv bounces these back to me and they sit in my regular email account. I use SPAMCOP's external POP to filter these emails and I read them through IMAP on SPAMCOP email. The last couple large messages left on my email account haven't been flagged as READ by the SPAMCOP pop server. These are 300K messages with attachments.

Once I found the 'stuck' message in my INBOX and deleted, SPAMCOP stopped trying to process it. What details do I need to provide to help the email team fix this problem. Smaller emails have no problems and are flagged as READ and deleted. This seems to break with this large a message.

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Hi, vilain,

...Sorry to hear of your problem. I don't know the details you would need to provide but if no one comes by here with a better suggestion, I would recommend taking either of two approaches:

  • send an e-mail with this inquiry to support[at]spamcop.net.
  • click the link in the SpamCop FAQ (links to which may be found near the top left of each SpamCop Forum page) labeled "I forgot my Password / can't login / other account problems."

...Good luck!

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