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[Resolved] Using abuse#live.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking

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Parsing input:

[report history]

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : sanjay_rajeshnet[at]hotmail.com

Using abuse net on sanjay_rajeshnet[at]hotmail.com

abuse net hotmail.com = abuse[at]live.com

Using best contacts abuse[at]live.com

abuse[at]live.com bounces (347 sent : 174 bounces)

Using abuse#live.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.

Of course, this should not be looking up hotmail.com at abuse.net. Rather, it should use sanjay_rajeshnet[at]hotmail.com

Clearing the cache has no effect.


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