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Responding to mailhost probes

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I tried to register 2 mailhosts today, spamcop send three emails, which is correct, 2 for one account and one for the other.

I use Outlook 2002, and am aware of the header issues, so I installed "Redemption" and the OLSpamcop macro.

I have tried copying and pasting and reporting through the web and the most consistant response is

Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:

Confirmation codes do not match:

From recipient address: lN6ignuRb8L2sBH2

From header: lN6ignuRb8L2sBH2

The only difference I can see when I "view source" is some extra " " characters.

Now I think in a button clicking frenzy I reported one of the probes as spam.

I wish I could start the day again!

I am going to try and get the mailhost probes re-sent, and use Spamcop webmail to reply - any other help appreciated



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OK, I bypassed Outlook and used webmail to extract the source and paste to the mailhost response.

Maybe Redemption & the macro don't fix the header issues 100%.

I hope this may be of use to anyone else trying this mailhost service.


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:angry: I can't get confirmation to work at all.

All I get is:

"Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:Confirmation codes do not match:"

Tried email and webform, very annoying!

Send a complete copy of the probe -- full headers and body -- pasted into an email to the address in my sig. Please do not attach it. Also include your registered SC email address.

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I'm having the same problem. I've tried to verify three different addresses now, trying all three verification methods (email with attachment, email with message copied with full headers, and copying the message with full headers into the form on the web site).

Every attempt gives me a response that says "confirmation codes do not match." It then says:

From recipient address: (code)

From header: (code)

From body: (code)

All three codes are the same.

I have emailed these to the deputies address.

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