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[Resolved] No reporting addresses found for

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Parsing input:

Display data:

"whois[at]whois.ripe.net" (Getting contact from whois.ripe.net)

Lookup cv2804-ripe[at]whois.ripe.net

Display data:

"whois cv2804-ripe[at]whois.ripe.net" (Getting contact from whois.ripe.net)

cv2804-ripe =

whois.ripe.net (nothing found)

No reporting addresses found for, using devnull for tracking.

A lookup of this IP using RIPE's Abuse Finder Tool produces...

Objects with abuse related remarks:

role: JNS-RIPE

The JNS-RIPE object states:

remarks: ---------------------------------

remarks: Abuse reports: abuse[at]jump.ro

remarks: NOC Phone 24x7: +40.726509174

remarks: NOC E-mail: noc[at]jump.ro

remarks: ---------------------------------

Thus, I believe abuse reports should be sent to: abuse[at]jump.ro

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