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Firefox User Doesn't Understand


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...Does Firefox place " SpamCop " on computers?

This program or company is blocking emails that I want/need to send out. I can't find this program ( if it is a program ) on my computer.

It says on the bottom of their webpage it is approved by FireFox.


:) <g>

...Excerpt from my reply:

...You (perhaps understandably) misread the reference on the SpamCop home page http://www.spamcop.net/ -- it doesn't mean that it is approved by Firefox, it means that Firefox is approved for use with the SpamCop web site! :) <smile>

...You also (also understandably, I would guess) misunderstood what SpamCop did. SpamCop makes available a "blacklist" of IP addresses from which spam has been seen to originate. Subscribing e-mail providers sometimes use that list to REJECT incoming e-mail (against SpamCop's own recommendation), so what is likely happening is that the e-mail provider of one or more of the people to whom you are sending e-mail is rejecting your e-mail because the IP address through which your e-mails are being sent is or was on the SCBL (SpamCop blacklist) or are "blaming" the SCBL when they are really using some other criteria.


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